April 30, 2011


Tomorrow's the day.

People are arriving by motorcycle, bus and bike.
I am certain this crowd will top last year's estimated 3000 attendees.
Sly Fox has gone the way of tickets in an effort to make the lines go faster. Tickets are $5.
They are also going pretty green this year.  They will be selling take home water bottles with the Sly Fox logo. You can fill them at the water station.
Plush goats are available for the tots.
Tees are also available for purchase.
Everything can be bought with aforementioned tickets.
The weather is looking like 69 degrees and partly sunny.
See you there!

April 28, 2011

Selling Sly in Doylestown

Fish Tacos at M.O.M.s
I headed out to Doylestown today with a nice gent Brian Hall (works at my wholesaler Origlio) to explore some Sly Fox opportunities.

I am going to be spending a bit more time out in Bucks Co.  I think there's some Sly Fox to be sold.  I am still trying to understand how people make decisions out there. A lot of the handles seem to be tied up.  When people embrace craft- it seems regional.  Lots of Dogfish, some Weyerbacher, Victory, and Troegs.

We hit Maxwells on Main aka "MoMs" (They have a bring your own Vinyl night on Thursdays)
 The Penn Taproom (great airy room- Allagash White and Hennepin on tap) Mesquito Grill-of course.
Finneys Pub, Chambers, 86 West (the see and be seen spot- Sierra and Dogfish on tap).

There's a bunch of boutiques if you have the loot- AND Siren records! (One of the most organized record stores I have been in recently).  The organic pizza place- Jules- is a must.

I'm even thinking about taking Lance Romance on a date to D-town.  We could even take the R5!
The worst part about heading to Doylestown- (originally named for Doyle's Tavern- the town tavern) is the drive. There's no easy way to get there. You are on 611 for a while.  But once you sit at a window table at the Penn Taproom- the stress of the drive will be far behind you.

April 27, 2011

A Tradition Continues at Supper on South St.

Sunday Special- Smoked Ham with Grits
I had this running "ticker file" of blogs that needed to get up.  A quick glance over at Foobooz this morning- reminded me that Supper was high on the list- and fresh in the memory as we just brunched there on Easter morning. (For the second year in a row- new tradition!)

PW's Brian Freedman gives a glowing review of the urban farmhouse restaurant situated on a better block of South street across from Whole Foods and adjacent to Percy St. BBQ.  Between the food at Supper and the bbq from Percy- the block is full of sweet smells of southern smoke.

We love Supper- and we love that it's five blocks away.  Supper has their own farm- and they have a list of daily ingredients that are sourced from it.  My brunch favorites are the Mushroom Toast and the Dixie Biscuit.  The service is always spot on and the room just feels good.  On Easter Sunday -one of my friends was nervous that she wasn't dressed appropriately to join us.  That should never be a worry. Despite Supper's nice ambiance- once can feel comfortable in a suit or pair of Pumas.

They just teamed up with The Franklin to revamp their cocktails list.  Look forward to that on your next visit. They have a short but thoughtful list of beers. Actually if I were to have a grievance- it would be beer pricing. $8 for a YARDS brawler was a bit of a shock.  So I might actually go for a glass of wine there as opposed to my usual pint.

They are also next to the Big Earth store which is fun for some post-brunch browsing.

Check out their website HERE. They are also on opentable.

SAIZANNE release at Iron Hill Maple Shade this Saturday- be there!

As you might already know- Lance Romance and I brewed a beer together- a saison with green and pink peppercorns.  He wanted to add a lil more peppercorn flavor- so he dry-peppercorned it last Friday.

I really brewed it too.

I didn't just follow him around- taking in the sweet smells while texting people- he had me mill, mash in- even take out the spent grain.

I realized a few things-
1) There's no need to go to the gym when you're a brewer AND
2) when he's tired and wants to hit the hay at 9:30 pm it's A-OK because he worked his brewer butt off
3) Brewer's get a daily facial. Another reason while more Women should be brewing!

We spent the last two nights making ice cream to compliment it.  Lance made the "wort caramel" I did the rest.  We look forward to sharing our creations with you this Saturday from 12-5.

Read Lance's pitch for your attendance here.

Alert: A nice alternative to Cinco de Mayo- Le Virtu kicks off CAMPO on May 5th

Next Thursday- Le Virtu kicks off their CAMPO for the season.
What is a Campo?

It's a large grassy plain-an outdoor space for recreation.

Le Virtu- often thought of as a wine spot - is excited to serve up a ton of beer in their campo/beer garden on South Passyunk Ave.

Next Thursday kicks it all off with a big party.

For $40 (all-inclusive) you can enjoy 


Roasted suckling pig!

 Le Virtu’s staff will butler selections from Chef Joe Cicala’s Campo menu: 
Arrosticini (lamb skewers)
Salsiccie nostrane (housemade sausages) 
Spiedini di gamberi e calamari (shrimp and calamari skewers)
Bistecca (marinated flank steak)
Pancetta (marinated pork belly)
Verdure Grigliate (grilled seasonal vegetables) 
Olive all'ascolana (fried olives stuffed with braised pork)
Arancini (fried rice balls filled with beef and pea ragu)
Pizza fritta: fried savory dough
 Panini di porchetta (roast pork finger sandwiches)
 Bruschette miste (grilled rustic bread with housemade toppings, including duck liver mousse, pancetta, mushrooms, tomatoes).

THE POURS - there will be reps/offerings from the following regional breweries


There will be Artisan wines from Abruzze and Dreadnought.


It is $40 in advance and $45 at the door
Event is from 6 till 10

*****If you haven't read Craig Laban's recent review in the Inquirer- read here. THREE BELLS it is.

The 2nd Firkins for our Furry Friends this SATURDAY

There are plenty of reasons to get out there this Saturday- but this one will make you feel good.
The Khyber Pass Pub is hosting their 2nd "Firkins for our Furry Friends." Last year it was held in December- during the first of three snowstorms that winter. I headed there with a couple of gals and a few pints of cask-conditioned ale later- we were making snow angels on second street.

It's a fun day.  $20 at the door gets you a bottomless cup of delicious beer from Yards, Philadelphia Brewing, Sly FOX, Sixpoint and more.

All proceeds - every last penny goes to P.A.W.S. (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) to help them in their efforts to save Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned, and unwanted animals. 

Khyber Pass Pub is located at 56 S. 2nd St.

April 20, 2011

Split thy Skull IS this Saturday

This is a pic of Sugar Mom's wall with "PeeP art"
A few people were speculating as to whether or not Split thy Skull was on this Sat.
It is!
I am not sure when doors open. It's safe to say they will at the latest be open by 1 pm.
No draft lists have been made public (that I have seen).
The event isn't even posted on Beer Advocate.
This was one of Philly's first annual events dating back to the mid-90s.  Heck- when Lance Romance lived in Boston for a few years- he would even come home to attend the basement rockin' rollicker.
Perhaps the low-key advertisement will result in a nice, laid-back event pleasantly filled with skull-splitting veterans.  I've been every year for the last four or so-and plan on continuing the tradition after a visit to the Memphis Taproom Beer Garden first.

April 18, 2011

Hello Evil Twin

Evil twins: we all have them. They usually come out after a few beers or a two Manhattans.  But one Danish brewery is named Evil Twin and they are headed toward Philly, arriving Tuesday night 7 pm at the Farmer's Cabinet.

The brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso will be there with 12 % Imports' Brian Ewing.
The Back story:
Evil Twin Brewing is the brainchild of Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø. An avid beer geek since 1997, Jeppe began home-brewing in Copenhagen, Denmark in June/'03. His first foray into the commercial craft beer scene commenced in September/'05, when he opened the now world-famous bottle shop Ølbutikken in Copenhagen. The reputation of Jeppe & his shop grew quickly, and myriad side projects began (including his collaboration with Cantillon on the Blåbær Lambik - one of this most highly regarded, highly sough-after lambics in the world).  Evil Twin Brewing is Jeppe's latest venture, and is the culmination of the vast knowledge, experiences, and relationships he's built over the years.

Farmer's Cabinet is taking reservations.


Before, During, & After Xmas - 8% IIPA - {DRAFT}
*Soft DK - 10% Vanilla Imp. Stout - {DRAFT}
*Disco Beer - 10.5% IPA/Chardonnay Blend - {BOTTLE}
*Yin - 10% Imp Stout - massive, heavily roasted imperial stout, conceived &
brewed specifically to be used as 1/2 of a Black & Tan with Evil Twin Yang {DRAFT}
*Yang - 10% IIPA - massive, intensely bitter IIPA, conceived & brewed specifically to be used as 1/2 of a Black & Tan with Evil Twin Yin {DRAFT}

April 15, 2011

Save the Date-April 30th for the release of Saizanne

There's a slew of stuff going on that Saturday-April 30.  There is the Manayunk Beer Fest west of the city, and Flavors on the Avenue in South Philly.

But Lance and I are hoping we can convince you to cross the Ben Franklin or the Betsy Ross at head to Iron Hill Maple Shade to try our beer- a saison brewed with green and pink peppercorns.  My co-brewer says the beer is tasting nice- but we're looking for yet more pepper character. So we might dry-pepper it!  And of course- I will be making an ice cream to complement our beer.

Saturday April 30th
12-5 pm

Happy Birthday Jim Wiggins!

Here's Jim with his friend Rob
I often recount the first time I met Jim Wiggins- It was at Sly Fox Royersford. Sly Fox had just joined the Origlio family and the sales teams were taking turns coming to our brewery to see what we're all about.

He was sporting a Scooby Doo shirt and I thought he was laid- back and comical.  I'm not sure if he ever wore that Scooby Doo shirt again.  He works hard- calling on craft beer bars and restaurants around Philadelphia and deals with all the pressures that the industry soo generously provides.

He enjoys hitting the exercise bike, turkey chili at Bishops Collar and spending time dining out and taking in musicals with his lovely lady friend.

Hot Diggity Dog Days at Garces Trading Company

Starting on April 18th- and only featured on "Dollar Dog" days- Garces Trading Co will feature  a hot dog and a beer.  

And not just any hot dog- but a house-cured Mortadella Di Casa, an Italian gourmet hot dog topped with truffled turnip relish.
Guests will get their choice of a Peroni, Stella Artois or Sly Fox for $9.  
The lunch deal will only be available from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on days that coincide with Phillies Dollar Dog Days.

The Mortadella Di Casa, which is always available for lunch at Garces Trading Company, is made from local pork, white wine, garlic, espelette and pistachios, and is served on a house-made pain au lait bun with a side of flavored potato chips. 

This is quite a switch-up from the ballpark dogs that I personally have banned from my digestive system forever.  Last time I went-I got two at at time for $2.  One was the crayola color "brick red" The other was a stomach-turning pinkish-gray. Hooray for the Mortadella Di Casa.
After this Monday the next "dollar dog day is 
Also good to know...

*The Locust St. spot does weekend brunch from 11 am till 3 pm.

*They are also participating in BEER WEEK (They got their liquor license a few months back)

Follow them on twitter @GarcesTradingCo

Salt and Pepper

Last night we were debating between some upside-down pizza at Stogie Joe's or a plate of house-made pasta at Paradiso on East Passyunk.  We never made it past Salt and Pepper. My friend Russell built the bar- so I had been curious (not to mention the guilt that the praised byo- in its first life-was a mere two blocks from my house and I had never been.) One of the owners, Robert Reilly was actually tending bar- the other- Joe- was working the dining room.  It's always nice when you can walk into a restaurant and have both owners clocked-in.

Chicken and Risotto

I started with the Gnocchi in a Porcini sauce with asparagus and proscuitto. I had to hand over my think slab of proscuitto to Lance because I am a pesco-vegetarian for another week. He went for the scallop, of which I stole two bites.  I then moved on to the Seared Tuna with Ginger, Cilantro Sushi Rice and Baby Bok Choy. The rice was a nice addition to the plate-also mixed with a bit of soy- it was a welcome stray off the "american bistro" concept.  Lance's Chicken looked just about perfect served atop a rich risotto.

The beer offerings are still a work in progress.  Right now guests can enjoy a Darkhorse Crooked Tree IPA, and a DFH 60 minute IPA (and more).  They love their wine there- and a few bubblies are served by the glass. I say go with Cava.
Directly next door is Capogiro. If you don't indulge in one of Salt and Pepper's sweets- finish off your dining experience with some apple and marscapone gelato and get a coffee from their crazy $40,000 coffee maker (same one that your excellency, Pope Benedict  XVI uses at the Vatican).  Cheers!

April 12, 2011

Beer Week TEEs by Brad Hosbach

Beer fan and designer Brad Hosbach has created a variety of Philly Beer Week tees for the second year in a row.
Check them out here.

gildan tee (Vintage red) $12
american apparel (solid red) GIRLS OR GUYS STYLE AVAIL.  $20
Tuletx soft tee (unisex or womens style) Vintage red $15

You can paypal him directly at bradhosbach@hotmail.com

Expect $3 for shipping

April 11, 2011

Weekend in Rewind <<<<<<<<<<< Sly Fox Samplings and Snacking

Weekend isn't always a word in my vocabulary.  I don't clock out at 4:52 on Friday and forget about work until my morning joe on Monday.  It's ever present and often requires promos and samplings on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  This weekend- I had samplings both Friday and Saturday- but they were within miles of my house so it made it a lot easier.  It's a little defeating to drive an hour away to sell three cases of beer.
I've done it too many times.

Planet Sushi
Friday sampling was at Beer Heaven-a great takeout on Columbus Blvd. 850 different beers. Fair pricing.
 I was teaming up with my friend Megan from Ommegang for that one.  I went to Dibrunos and got a couple cheeses to pair.  "Comte" -french cow- that I thought would go well with the Royal Weiss, and an aged "Mahon" -Spanish Cow- that I remembered working with the Phoenix, or even the Rt 113 in the past.  I brought my boombox, and bonded with Tara- who was manning the store- over Jmy Beer Heaven itunes mix.  We didn't sell a ton of beer, but we had a ton of fun. Megs then came over with a bottle of Hennepin and Saison Vos- and we ordered $95 worth of Sushi with our gal Wendy.  That's how we do "staying in."

I'm Delicious
The next day Lance decided he was only eating at restaurants/bars/takeouts/ that were within 1/2 mile of each other.  We ate brunch at MONSU (Peter Mcandrews Sicialian restaurant at 9th and Christian.)  We loved it. Four filling plates and a bottle of pellegrino for $43 which I thought was fair. Especially considering we had breakfast at the Fitzwater cafe on Friday and that ran us $35 for your standard eggs, toast, coffee, juice breakfast.
So Am I

Grilled smoked mozzarella, watercress, prickly pear puree, sesame croccante (Complements of the Chef)
Grilled Octopus (and sausage) in a red wine reduction, 
Gnocchi with crab and mint, in a tomato cream sauce
Eggs Basildict poached eggs on focaccia, sausage, basil plum tomato cream

We then walked it off, then I was off to my sampling at Global Beer in Northern Liberties. I sold at least 10 cases.I was even able to get one gent with his case of Spaten as he was on the way to the register.

As soon as I had recovered from our MONSU indulge- we were at 943 in the Italian Market.  It's Argentinian/Italian. Lance and I were waiting for it to open for months.

Sampling at Global Beer
We grabbed a bottle of Ridge Zin, and a Left Hand Oxymoron (Imperial Pale Lager).
I'm still not eating meat- so I stayed with yet more octopus- and the housemade papardelle dish.

Fresh Pasta at 943
Lance enjoyed sweatbreads ("They're no Southwark," he says) and a Ravioli with pesto- that was slightly undercooked.  Our server was sweet- but didn't come close to providing the service that we've been accustomed to.  When Lance asked her about a certain steak- he answer was "I don't know" and continued to look at him to see if he was going to order it.  That's not acceptable.  It's an open kitchen- I can see the chef- you're not that busy (yet) go and ask him- because it will make the difference. And I'm sure she would rather sell a steak for $26 then a pasta dish for $11.

We stayed in and watched You, Me and Dupree. Lance won't stop talking about this movie (although he fell asleep)  Matt Dillon is a disgrace. Him and Keanu should have some beers and toast to the fact that they ever  got people to watch their movies (outside of Outsiders and Point Break -I'm sure many of you will think the Matrix).

Home-Cooked Rise and Shine
Sunday we went to the market- got some blood oranges for fresh squeezed juice and some pastries from Isgros.  It was nice to cook again after all that dining out.  I threw tarragon into the cheesy eggs.  And we picked up a pack of maple bacon at Dibrunos.  I was so full I couldn't even eat my Apple turnover- so I will probably make a cinnamon ice cream out of it.

I ran a bunch of errands. Record timing. Hit Staples, IKEA, and BJ's Wholesale with Wendy- in an hour and 45 minutes.

Tres Colores at Marra's
Then comes Marra's- South Phlly Family restaurant since 1927.  The original brick oven- had bricks made from Mt. Vesuvius apparently.  I was slightly disappointed in the pie...but Lance insisted on Brandy Alexanders and Tartufo. We took our leftovers and through them into our friends mail slot on the way home.

I am sure it was better than her Tuna fish sandwich.

We took the two pieces with proscuitto out of the box- because we knew she wouldn't eat them.  So I'm walking down 8th st with two pieces of unboxed pizza in my hand.  And there is the lovely Charlotte Camels standing outside Bibou. I said to Lance"Oh God- this is going to be embarrassing."  She was joined by Michael-a long time bartender of the BARDS and I would later find out that writer and wine connoisseur David McDuff was also inside the restaurant at the time.  We chatted a bit. I tried to make light of the pizza in my  hand. Then promised we would be in for dinner soon.

 That is- if we're invited back;)

April 8, 2011

Happy Rainy Friday from Bob Dylan by way of Neko Case

Shangy welcomes the Affable Archie Knight to their Suburban Sales Staff

Good News- Archie Knight is the newest sales rep for Shangy's.

Cameron Saunders is still taking care of the city and Archie will be keeping it real in the burbs.

Personally, I have always appreciated Archie's enthusiasm for craft beer and know he will represent Shangys awesome portfolio with great zest.  

Congrats Archie!  See you on the streets!

April 7, 2011

I got a haiku!

Last night at the awesome Shmitten Kitten Kolsch release party I received this awesome literary treat featuring angelic cans.

A Groggy Saturday Afternoon @Nodding Head

April's second Saturday is "A Groggy Afternoon"
Nodding Head will be pouring a variety of Grogs.  It's pay as you go.





MOLE GROG (cask conditioned)


CHERRY GROG (cask conditioned)


MOCHA GROG (cask conditioned)


April 6, 2011

Gnomegang has arrived- many will hold to Philly Beer Week

Gnomegang hit Philly last Tuesday with a kick-off party at the P.o.p.e.

The beer was enjoyed by all- so much that the South Philly bar almost kicked three kegs.
Party-goers tipped their tulip glasses and were able to cheers the "LaChouffe" gnome throughout the night.
Special commemorative tees were distributed.

Many of the bars that were lucky enough to snag a keg our keeping said keg for Beer Week events.

The beer was the first collaboration between Brasserie D' AChouffe and sister brewery, Ommegang.
They even used the notable yeast strains of each brewery. (Plus 5 malts and noble hops)
The beer is a blond golden ale- 9.5%. It will make you want to eat all sorts of cheese.

It's an extremely limited release so get it while the gettins gouda.
 750 ml bottles are available at better beer stores.

Other Firestone Walker Events: MONKS and CAPONES

Monday, April 11th 5 pm Cash Bar
Firestone Walker Reserve- Robust Porter
Abacus- Bourbon barrel-aged barleywine
14th Anniversary- A blend of 6 aged beers
Double Jack IPA- Firestone's First imperial IPA

*NOTE: Earlier that day at 11:30 am -Monks is continuing their Beer Mondays with a HITACHINO Fundraiser for Japan's disaster relief. From publican Tom Peters:
  "We will be tapping three kegs from Hitachino: 
 1) Red Rice; 2) Ginger & 3) White.  
Monk's will be donating 100% of the sales from all three of these 30 liter kegs.  With your help, we will be able to raise over $2,000.  We will send the money directly to the brewery where Toshiyuki Kiuchi, owner of Hitachino Nest brewery, will give it to the neediest charity.  I figure he is there and knows where the money will be most effective.  Please come and drink great beer for a great cause."

At CAPONES (Germantown Pike, East Norriton)
Wednesday April 13th
Owner and Founder David Walker and a few others from the brewery.

Tap time will be 1:30. They will be on hand 1:30 till 3:45

THE POURSOn Draft: Double Jack Double IPA and also in 22oz Bottles Award Winning !
On Draft: Walkers Reserve Porter and 22oz Bottles
Maybe on Draft ?: Abacus Barleywine but at least 22oz bottles
Firestone Walker 14th Anniversary Ale in 22oz Bottles

April 5, 2011

Best Two States for Beer Distribution?

I saw my New Jersey Wholesaler post this tonight.
I clicked on the link and there it was-

1. New Jersey 231
2. Pennsylvania 226

Out of a potential 349 Distributed beers

Sometimes you just wanna pregame with Snap and Root

While you will mostly find me blogging about Phillies beer specials- this switch up caught my attention.

P.O.P.E. is doing Root and Snap cocktails named for your favorite team- past and present players.  They are concocted by bartender John Warner, and available during Thursday businessman specials, along with dollar dogs and bbq specialties.

Look out Delicious ahead! White Dog Dinner with Flying Fish-Wed. the 13th

This menu looks delectable. 

Please pass on to any of your foodie friends.  

From 6:30pm to 7 there is a meet and great reception followed by dinner - 7:00pm
$50/person *Not inclusive of tax or gratuity
White Dog Cafe is located at 3420 Sansom St.
Pennsylvania Cheese PlateFlat Breads, Locally Grown House Roasted Peanuts
Beer- IPA
English Pea Soup with Peekytoe CrabBeer- Farmhouse Summer Ale
Spring Rabbit RagoutGreen Meadow Farm Applewood Smoked Bacon, Wilted Mustard Greens, Oven Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Pappardelle Pasta
Beer- Belgian Abbey Dubbel
Stuffed Flounder RouladeJersey Flounder Stuffed With Smoked Salmon Mousse, Lemon Dill Beurre Blanc
Beer- Extra Pale Ale
Rhubarb TartBlack Pepper and Balsamic Ice Cream
Beer- Exit 9 Hoppy Scarlet Ale
*Reservations required. Please call 215.386.9224

Dibrunos opens at the Ardmore Farmers Market TODAY

In the ten years its been open- I  never stopped in at the

Victory's Bill Covaleski, Emilio Mignucci, and Me
at the Grand Opening
 Suburban Square Farmer's Market.
It's nice too. Butchers, Florists, Sushi, Cupcakes....But it's all that much nicer with the addition of my favorite cheese mongers.  
Dibrunos actually took over for five separate vendors that left the market. It's not as big as their Chestnut St location but much bigger than my stop on 9th St.

Next time you're cruising down Rt. 30 stop by.

Congrats guys!

Also- remember every Wednesday they continue to do the 9th st. Craft Beer and Cheese complimentary Happy Hours where the whole store is 10% off until 8 pm.  Sly Fox is scheduled for April 20th.

April 4, 2011

Make Sure your Taxes are Done and Cancel all your Plans Wed- 4/13 Firestone Walker @Kraftwork

A big Philly welcome to Firestone Walker next Wed. the 13th in Fishtown.
Kraftwork will pour four beers from their barrel-aged Proprietors Reserve series.

If you're not familiar with FW-they're one of the best breweries in the country.

And this is not opinion talk- but rather fact-based on evidence such as  SWEEPING the World Beer Cup  Pale Ale category in 2010.
That's right. Bronze, Silver, Gold.  Unbelievable.

I tried to tell their Export Director how much I enjoyed their beers at the Atlantic City beer fest and that didn't go over too well. I guess he was Ac'd out.  Regardless-their beers are magical.
See you there.


Samplings Galore- Royal Weisse cans launch today for the season

This week I have a few Sly Fox samplings around the city to launch Royal Weisse cans for the season.

Thursday, April 7th
 6 pm  The Foodery at 2nd and Poplar
I will be pouring the weisse as well as a few other Slys. AND I will have the Foodery's 35th Anniversary ice cream that I made as well. Expect for it to have some hefe characteristics.

Friday, April 8th
I am teaming up again with Megan Maguire of Ommegang/Duvel at BEER HEAVEN on Columbus Blvd.
5 till 7

Saturday April 9th
Global Beer in Northern Liberties from 3 till 5.

Hanging up the Hat

My first shift at Bridgids was January 5th of 2009.  I wasn't sure if it would be weird making the transition  from semi-regular to Monday evening barmaid  but it worked.
It's quite a special place- actually one of the first bars I drank in when I moved to Philly in June of 2001.

Mondays are always a bit hectic for me.  Well I guess every day is. But every Monday I would drive to Royersford for a meeting then head straight to bartending. Lately the Monday nights have been getting later with the addition of live music. My 12:15 departure is closer till 2 am.  And that makes for some weary bones and a tired spirit.

So no more. 86 me from my favorite horseshoe bar.  I hope to guest bartend around the city from time to time.

I survived Atlantic City Beer Fest

Three sessions.
Four hours each.
18,000 people.
And ten feet away from "Bopping Heads"

I decided if it was my friends, and music more my speed it could be  fun. But Aqua's "Barbie Girl" blasting over and over was unbearable.
I all but lost my voice having shouted Pikeland Pilsner and Black Raspberry Reserve repeatedly for 12 hours.

On Saturday my Uncle Steve joined me to pour beer. He shared with me something I did not know- my great, great aunt Rose Coyle was Miss America 1936.
And the first Miss America to get asked for an encore for her talent segment.

A special thanks for Josh of Unos Maple Shade and Harrison Hitchcock of French Quarter Bistro for volunteering.

Beer Schooled with Cicerone Nicole Erny @ the Hulmeville Inn tomorrow night

Tuesday April 5th- "Beer Schooled" at the Hulmeville Inn welcomes guest instructor Nicole Erny.

Nicole is a certified Cicerone from the San Fransisco Bay area and has received much attention for her own educational  events in California as well as her appearance on the Brewing Network.
My quick stalk of her on the internet- led to a lot of high praise for the young lady.
This class will focus on Sour Ales.
Buy tickets here.

If you aren't familiar with "Beer Schooled"
Check out their website here. They also teach homebrewing classes.
Next up is:
West Coast IPAs vs East Coast IPAs on April 28th.

April 1, 2011

Introducing: Shmitten Kitten Kolsch

About 9 months ago- head kitten of Shmitten Kitten, Anna Goldfarb, came to me wanting Sly Fox to make her a beer. The lady enjoyed time spent sipping and sweating in bar come-dance halls across Philly such as the Barbary and Johnny Brenda's. She wanted a beer that would quench her thirst after Age of Consent.  So we decided on a light Kolsch. She also wanted a beer that her favorite dudes could enjoy pint after pint as they sit at the bar- a kolsch would be perfect. Something so delicate in the midst of a hard-hitting, heavy rock and roll scene.

Months passed- we had to get the beer registered and find time at our ever-busy Royersford brewery to brew it. Then on March 4th-one of her writers, Lora Burns and myself joined her out there at the beginning of March- and helped Sly Fox brewer Max brew it.

Then Anna selected 20 or so bars that she enjoyed drinking in-and we shipped. Here's her slide show on the day.

The Launch party is at the POPE on Wednesday April 6th 7 pm. Come meet the affable Anna Goldfarb and maybe- she'll even share one of her dating disasters about liking guys a foot shorter than her 6 foot self.

Here are just a few that she selected:
City Tap House
Lucky 13
Tattooed Moms
Standard Tap
Johnny Brendas
South Philly Tap Room

We hope you love it!

Atlantic City

Without even recapping "everybody's favorite city" (besides Philadelphia) I am off to Atlantic City for the annual beer fest. Oh spare time why have you abandoned me?  I will be there all sessions pouring Sly Fox if anyone is attending.  Here's Bruce Springsteen in Paris  1985.

Go Phils!

From the desk of Steve Mashington

Introducing Yards Torque

It’ll make your head spin.

We've been keeping this under-the-radar for a while, but now it's time to let this beast loose. Introducing Yards Torque, our first — and presumably last — guarana-infused ale. We brewed up a batch of Brawler, snuck some Guarana seeds into the boil and then aged it in a bourbon barrel. (It's the world's first energy session beer…now you'll really be able to go a few rounds.) Torque is nothing like we've ever brewed before and we doubt it's anything we'll ever brew again. Enjoy it while it lasts. Available in 24 oz. cans only. Look for it at all your favorite distributors, bars, pubs and watering holes. ABV 4.1%

Time to Choose the Best of the Philly Beer Scene

Today-you get to pick who you think is moving and shaking better than the rest.
It's the annual Philly Beer Scene Awards.
Who's the best brewpub?
Who has your favorite label?
What U.S. brewery do you want to see in our market most?

Here' the link. Take five and acknowledge your Philly favorites.