June 30, 2011

Five Years for the P.O.P.E.

Pots and Nice Guy
Today marks the 5 year anniversary of one of the city's best bars run by one of the world's best guys.
Happy Anniversary to Dennis and his classy crew.

They will be pouring some great beers tonight including the Broederlijk Liefde collaboration Sly Fox brewed with De Proef for Philly Beer Week.
They'll also have on one of the rare kegs of Ithaca/Iron Hill collab- Dark Humor (Porter with brett), Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout, Nodding Head Berliner Weisse, Hitachinio White, Liefmans Cuvee Brut, Pumpking, Voodoo Cowbell, and more.

Birthday cake will be served.
Sounds like a good way to start off the 4th of July weekend if you ask me.

June 28, 2011

Can I Get you a Beer?

I haven't pulled bar taps since I left Bridgids a couple months back. I miss it- but- I will be behind the bar at 2nd Street Brewhouse tomorrow night.
I will be guest bartending 6 till ?

Beer clubbers will get there around 7:30.

They are hosting a quizzo at 8:30. Win fabulous Sly Fox prizes. Sly Fx cans will be discounted.
 Actually- all the beer is already at a nice price all day every day.
They have great sandwiches!

Come watch the Phils beat the SOX.
2nd and Morris.

Two Track: Pretty in Pink

When I was five years of age, Pink was my favorite color- as it is of most kindergartners.  I spent the rest of my 28 years hating it.  It's only in the last few years that I like it if it's contrasted with cocoa, charcoal or a sage green.  The other day I got to the pink section in a color-coded accessory store.  It was running the gradient from carnation come magenta- it was a little overwhelming-but it did inspire this Tuesday's Two track. I present you with the P-Furs and the National. 

Psychedelic Furs (Pretty in Pink the movie 1986)

The National (coming to the Academy of Music September 7th and 8th with Yo La Tengo)

Cucumbers-=- to eat and to DRINK

my cucumber salad
Cucumbers were first cultivated in India 10,000 some years ago. During the 1600s they made their way to Greece and Italy. They are my favorite color, low in calories (a cup of raw, sliced cukes are only 10 calories) and full of vitamin C, Vitamin A, Potassium and Magnesium.

I love them. They're quite refreshing, and although available year-round, they represent summer to me as much as the flavor-ice and slip 'n' slides of my youth.

I bought two large cucumbers at Wegmans yesterday and sliced 'em up as soon as I returned home. I threw in a little tarragon white wine vinegar, sugar, honey, salt, pepper, and a bit of cilantro flakes.  I let it sit over night and it was chilled and waiting for me in the morning.  Although the coffee pot was percolating- I thought to my self for the most split of seconds- who needs coffee when you got cold cucumbers-they're pretty awakening- then I realized one always needs coffee.  Bay City Rollers' "I only want to be with you" was on the player, my kitchen was clean, my beer samples were cold, and I knew it was going to be another good day.

Another good use of cucumbers-the one that gets you pickled: the tasty drink I had at Varga bar the other night.
St. Germaine, 
Blue Coat Gin, 
Muddled cucumber 
and topped off with ginger ale.

June 27, 2011

A look into some newer Bella Vista Byos

In the last year- two very different eateries opened up near my abode-Big Fish and Nina's Trattoria.
Lance and I have walked by Nina's countless times- but we finally made it there last night after he was motivated by a groupon.  We started off with some mutant gnocchi- Half spinach-half Ricotta. Then moved on to a Lamb Shank with mushroom risotto and some Stachetti (little pasta purses filled with walnuts) in a (Mike) fava bean cream sauce. The pastas were the highlights. It was a bit pricier than I think they Italian Mkt BYO should be. The owner Nick came over and said hi.  They were playing opera for us when we came in-then Nick asked us if we like the Rolling Stones- we replied positively and he put the Stones on.  With the groupon it came to $38. Unfortunately we were the only ones in there. Hopefully business will pick up for them. Sunday nights are rough in the Summer.

The second spot- is Big Eye Sushi.  Suki and Sam are your sushi chefs and they're the nicest guys in Philadelphia.  The sushi is ridiculously cheap- but very good.  "Designer" rolls that are $16-$18 at other sushi spots are merely 8-10 here. I have much more to write but I will quickly tell you that if you go tonight you might hear Kenny G or Aud Lang Syne in the background.  But don't worry I am making them a mix cd this week.

Both are BYOs. I recommend Witbier or champagne for Big Eye (7th and Bainbridge).  We did a bottle of spanish red blend for Nina's (9th just south of Christian).

June 24, 2011

Week in Rewind <<<<<<<<<: Sly Fox on the Road


Another week gone by- busy as heck.
Started off with an excellent Father's Day picnic at Green Lane Park.  I tried to work on my Kan Jam game because it's nothing short of pathetic and my younger sister once told me that is the worst thing you can say about someone.  First I embarrassed myself in front of my company, ex-boyfriend and 200 other people at the Four Seasons, and now my own father and (rather athletic sister) know I truly suck at throwing a disc as well.

Besides my lack of talent, the day was awesome. Kids were running around- I got my nephew Kellen to say all the names of the Beatles, and I got to see the youngest, Emma and her beautiful smile.

This week brought me to the Jersey Shore. I had some success in Wildwood. I did a "collaborative" promo at Dogtooth with Ron Johnson from YARDS.  It's the sort of bar you go to have a nice bite to eat (maybe tuna bites) and a good beer or two before you go out to cheesy, more embarrassing places.  I was joined by the owners and managers of Good Night Irenes that were en route to their annual "Dart Banquet." What happens at a Dart Banquet? I was so curious. Next thing I know Jimmy puts an orange admittance
This is what a Dart Banquet looks like
band on my wrist and me and my co-promoter Ron are off to the party.  When we get there we find that the beer offerings are limited to the "Big 3," Corona or Twisted Tea (also known as a recipe for heartburn). Ron and I go Budweiser then proceed to play the game that people should always play when they are at a party with 300 people they don't know- "Who would you do date?"  The options were quite limited and I think in an alternate reality I would be having beers with the help who was the most handsome guy in the place albeit he was 21 but still handsome.  Ron joked that "my guy" had a ponytail and I must have a thing for ponytails.

After a few "All-American lagers" we went back to Goodnight Irene's where Justin the bartender/magician showed me a bunch of card tricks. I even have a card with "Suzy Sly Fox" up on the ceiling now.  The managers invited me to stay the night.

I woke up the next day and had a promo in Burlington that night.  Geraghty's was the spot- and a very nice one- a pioneering pub for the area. The current owner fixed up a serious dive.  I can't remember the last time I had an event and everyone in the entire bar wanted to talk to me.  I took my beer quiz that I often gave out and tried to make it a bit easier. The top score (after he cheated ) was 8 out of ten.  He was nice and told me neat stories about his cruise to Nova Scotia- so I still gave him a tee-shirt.  There was another patron DAVE that had even sat next to Lance Romance at the last Iron Hill Maple Shade beer dinner.
Broad Axe Tavern

Pork Loin at Supper
Yesterday I spent the day in Montgomery County on a wholesaler "ridewith" Caitlyn Horcher from Origlio. Sly Fox co-owner John Giannopolous' oldest daughter, Jenny, just graduated from West Virginia and she'll be joining the Sly Fox team so she came along as well. We were all over the place from Fatty's in Wyndmoor to Springhouse Tavern, to McGurks (where bartender was best buds with legendary John Hobbs!) Pj Whelihans Blue Bell, and the new Broad Axe (which is very nice).  I then had to drop off kegs at a hockey rink by Chestnut Hill THEN go and meet Megan Maguire at Supper on South St. for a nice dinner. I hadn't seen her since beer week. So it was a big reunion.  I had the Pork Loin - which featured pork products five times.  Bacon wrapped pork loin that was stuffed with sausage, crispy pork rind, and a tamale stuffed with Pulled pork. I have been eating no
thing but beets, spinach, mushrooms, tuna and lean proteins so I guess it was okay to go glutton for a dish.  Today- I am working back in the city for the first time since Beer Week ended. I am headed around with Jenny- can't wait to show her some of our favorite Sly Fox bars.

Enjoy your weekends. I will be pouring beer at Philadelphia BEER Co. tonight on YORK Rd.
I will be at the Lansdale Beer Fest tomorrow, and hosting a Sly Fox brunch at the Penn Taproom in Doylestown on Sunday.

June 21, 2011

Two-track goes to Three:Dancing in the Street

Happy Summer Solstice!
I will be in Wildwood to celebrate the longest day of the year. I am teaming up with Yards Brewing co. for an event at the Dogtooth. I am sure we will make our way over to Goodnight Irene's as well.  Here's your summer solstice two (3) track per the recommendation of one of my best buds.
David Bowie and Jagger are just a tad close in the last one....

First was Martha and the Vandellas (1964)

Then Van Halen (1982)

Then David Bowie and Mick Jagger (this is rather homo-erotic at times)  (1985)
*this version rose to #1 on the charts in Ireland, UK and Australia

June 20, 2011

Midnight in Paris and Alles ist gut at Brauhaus

Last night Lance Romance and I decided to visit the cinema.  We went to "Midnight in Paris"- the Woody Allen film featuring Owen Wilson as a writer trying to break free of the TV world and pen a novel while his entitled fiance and him visit Paris (with her parents).  We were fifteen minutes early. Most people would grab their concession snacks and watch previews- but Lance and I bolted across the street to Positano Coast and had a quick cocktail.  Mine had hibiscus, carrot juice, tequila, and more. It was vibrant fuchsia- but it was good.  Lance ordered a gin concoction and was a bit disappointed that it was sweeter than he had anticipated.

We enjoyed the movie. Lots of great scenery, music and fun literary and art references of Paris in the 1920s.  Expatriate writers abound like Hemmingway, Fitzgerald, and Gertrude Stein.  I won't say anymore-but it wasn't what I thought it was going to be after reading the briefest synopsis. See it when you can- especially if you love that era.

We decided to have a bev on the way home. Lance was in the mood for a beer. I was thinking vino.  We stopped at Brauhaus. I think it's the first time I ever ordered wine there. I've had my share of Gewurtztraminer, Gruner Veltliners, and Rieslings, but didn't know much about Alsatian Reds.  Bar manager-Alyssa- told me that Pinot Noir is making a comeback there- so I ordered one.  Lance got a light German witbier.  It was a bit pricey- but we were intrigued by a German witbier as opposed to weissbier- so he went for the $10 .3 liter.  It was so light and a nice complement to our crisp, refreshing cucumber salad.  I also ordered a rich mushroom and spinach strudel- which was a tad heavy for a summer night- but soooooo good. Perhaps one of the best bites I ever had at the brauhaus.  I do recommend it-whether or not it's summer.  It's that good.

The chap and I were weighing a few different options for our nightcap that night- and we were pleased with our decision. Sometimes the Brauhaus gets a bit too crowded and you can't get one of the 14 seats at the bar.
On a Sunday night- when people are readying for their week ahead, and the lovely Alyssa is behind the bar- that is the perfect time to pay a little visit to the Black Forest of South St.

June 19, 2011

To Pops!

As they say- parenting is never easy.  Parenting 5 times over would seem borderline impossible. My parents had five children within 10 years.  My two older sisters are 14 months apart. We were raised rather strict although we weren't problem kids at all. My dad, a marine, my mother a school teacher....no elbows on the table, no playing with your food, and certainly no disrespecting- which according to my mother included saying the word "what." That still a mystery to me 33 years later.

My dad was the one that let us watch Al Bundy on Sunday nights.  He taught us chess, and brought us fishing. He encouraged us to put ham on just about everything and to never be shy with thyme.  I still remember him helping me write a paper on ideology of the Korean war in high school.  He's bailed me out of countless parking tickets. But more than the dad helping kid stuff that he's so good at- he's just an awesome guy. You want him at your party.  He's got stories about stories (It's a Woods thing).  I don't think he goes on the internet unless he's checking his stocks (He thinks facebook is "tripe") so he probably won't see this. But I am grateful every day to have had the upbringing I did.  People always ask me if it's tough being a woman in the beer biz. I never really think of it.  I'm not tough per se, but I am a lot  tougher than I used to be-as are all my sisters. My dad wasn't going to have "wussies" for grown daughters.  He told us the world wasn't going to deal with our tears. And he was absolutely right.  Again.  Love you Dad. 

Happy Father's day to all the pops out there especially Adam Ritter (Sidecar) and Casey Parker (Jose Pistolas) celebrating their first one today.

June 17, 2011

The Magenta Detox Wonder

I could write all day about detox.
I have done an okay job this post beer week.
I drank borderline abnormal amounts of water- barely any coffee, no soda.
Yep- just water and a little zero calorie "turbo tea" my workoutaholic sister turned me on to- but since that has caffeine. I probably can't count that as part of a detox post.

I went to check out the new bar at the Whole Foods in Devon and walked out with a bunch of spinach, mushrooms, and BEETS. Beets- it's what for dinner detox.

I haven't perfected raw beets yet- so I've been cheating with cans. I empty them into tupperware as soon as I get home and put them in a fridge. I toss them in a tarragon vinegar and add sea salt and cracked pepper. Last night I even snuck onto my neighbors patio ( I DID knock once- I'm not a total beet burgular) and stole some mint.

I never cared for them growing up- now I can't get enough. Lucky for me (and you) there are beets all over menus in our city.  Next time you're thinking appetizer avoid that munchie combo (I'm looking at you Wendy) and try some liver- detoxing beets.

June 15, 2011

Matyson welcomes Sly Fox Brewing on Tuesday, June 28th.

Sly Fox has received much buzz around the interweb this week with the announcement of their new brewery.
Now they are teaming up with collaborative chef Jesse Kimball of Memphis Taproom and Ben Puchowitz who has been in charge of MATYSON's  kitchen since his cousins' departure. A 'lil history-that's where Kimball hung his whites at the end of the night prior to Memphis's opening.   I was delighted when they contacted us to co-host a dinner there. I would love to do a series of similar dinners but am honored to kick it off with Matyson.

I have written about this before- the concept of bringing large format bottles of beer to BYOs is not often discussed and definitely not overdone.  There's such a variety of beer out there that people aren't aware of.  Abbey ales, smoked beers, crisp pilsners, earthy saisons should always be considered when looking at the menu on the web and making your reservation.  Bring a bottle of beer and wine- then see what happens when you sit down. Hopefully this night of collaboration will enlighten BYO diners that dismiss beer.

 Here's the menu. I can't wait.
The menu is $75 ++ and you receive a beer complimentary with each course. Trust me-it's worth every George. Call to reserve your table 215-564-2925.  

June 13, 2011

Best Bite: Beer Week Edition

This is a tough one because I had delicious bacon pancakes at Kennett (they serve brunch every Sunday and late night pizza till 1 am), and a slider with pork roll at the Four Seasons that I wouldn't stop recommending for days.  I can tell you that it's definitely not the creamed chipped beef I had with Wendy at the Midtown diner after the Tud. Nor the 3 am Kielbasa I cooked up at my neighbors house mid-week.

It's going to to one of the 7 sandwiches I consumed at "Punk Rock and Finger Sandwiches" at Nodding Head on Monday starring guest chef , Sean Paxton. It was definitely a highlight of the week and such a great value. For $60 you could get 7 sammies, ice cream and beer pairings including Dogfish beers (several vintage) and Nodding Head beers.

Second course in - a cubano was probably the best cubano I ever ate.

The best Cuban sandwich ever

So these were just some of mine- what are yours?

Two Track: "I Drove All Night"

In honor of my Dad- for the upcoming Father's day weekend- I give you Roy Orbison's "I drove all Night"

Cyndi Lauper's take

June 9, 2011

The Next Few Days.

James Narog praying for my pancreas
It's day 7 and I'm dying.
I once again scheduled too many events.
I can barely keep up with email.
I did the dishes once.

*Victory is having a tap take over at City Tap House. Sales manager Pete Danford is also having a baby today- congrats to him!
*The  Casey Hughes, Spencer Neibhur, Nick Johnson posse will be hanging at VARGA all night.
* Southwark is hosting the Pork dinner with Sly Fox- tickets are still available 7 pm.
*I will be djing at Johnny Brendas with the ladies of IN PURSUIT of ALE- at 8 pm
*Dr Joel of New Holland will be djing at KHYBER- that should be a good one

Tomorrow- come show your support for SLY FOX vs South Hampton in the 4th annual FIRKIN OFF

SATURDAY- It's the second annual BERMUDA triangle. Run from Bishops Collar to Kite and Key to ST Stephens then do it all over again.  Drinking cans all the while.  I did it last year- and I lived to tell.

SUNDAY- THE TUD- the last hurrah. This year Fergies hired a KARAOKE band. 7 pm.

June 7, 2011

Southwark Dinner Thursday Night- Meet the Chef,The Brewer, AND the Farmer

Everyone love Southwark. It's easily an industry favorite from chefs to beer reps.

This Thursday Sly Fox teams up with Kip and Sherri Wade of the Queen Village Restaurant to present a night of Pork from Country Time Farms.

The Dinner is $65 not including tax and gratuity.
Beers include Sly Fox Maibock, Rauchbier, Pikeland Pilsner and more!
Brewmaster Brian O'Reilly will be in the house presenting the evening. Call for reservations.
 (215) 238-1888


rye berries, slow roasted spring onions, pork broth


house cured copa, dandelion green and radish salad


pork mixed grill, new potato, snap peas, chili sauce


chocolate and pork liver mousse, crispy pig skin

Late Night With Joe Gunn

June 6, 2011

Tonight-= Broederlijk liefde tapping at Race St. Cafe 7 pm

I don't know if you heard the story- but the broederlijk liefde was a close call. We weren't sure if the entire shipment would make it to the United States in time for beer week- so SAB imports and Shangys air-shipped it so we'd have it for opening tap.

It's a saison with brett and it's just about perfect. Tom Peters came back for seconds within fifteen minutes he loved it so much.

 So the event that's centered around it takes place tonight at Race St. Cafe.

Brian O'Reilly will be there with Alan Shapiro- the importer. It's just one beer in a series of De Proef collaborations.

Hope to see you there.

also- remember that its the ONE BELLS event of the week at POPE tonight.

The lovely Laura Bell will be there.

If you heard rumors of me knocking out Wendy Domurat of Dogfish Head to the sweet sound of Kenny Loggin's Danger Zone- they're ALL true

June 2, 2011

Standard PILS wins Inquirer's Brewvitational as best New beer in Philly!

Yes- you get to try it at opening tap tomorrow- Philly's best New beer, Standard Pils,  brewed by Sly Fox's Brian O'Reilly and the co-owner of Standard Tap, William Reed (Sam Adams Brewpub brewer in mid-90s).  Sly Fox took top honors out of 22 new offerings.

The firkin of the kelller pils will be tapped with the arrival of the H.O.G at Standard Tap tomorrow afternoon.  12:45. You will also be able to try it cask-conditioned at the FIRKIN RIOT at Johnny Brenda's all day Saturday.
AND come cheer Sly Fox on in the 4th annual firkin off at Good Dog On Friday June 10th as the compete against South Hampton's Keller Pils.

Congrats to our buddies at EARTH bread + brewery for placing second with their La Saison du Capataine (ode to Dupont) and congrats to 3rd placers  Flying Fish Exit 9 and Lancaster for delighting the panel with their canned Rumspringa!

Laban divided the beers into classics and new.
Iron Hill Pig Iron Porter took top honors, Victory Prima Pils placing 2nd and
Weyerbacher Merry Monks in 3rd.

Sly Fox's Royal Weisse places 5th in "Classics" category as well (out of 16 "contestants")
Read the article here.
BEER on the front page of the City's paper. Gotta love it.

June 1, 2011

Beer Week Alert #7 The Great Cheese Experiment @ World Cafe Live this Sunday

Check Check it out-=

World Cafe Live is  hosting The Philly Cheese Experiment this Sunday from 12 till 4. -

Here are the details- (Here's a link to the website)
Two chefs-Theodore Peck and Nick Suarez are crossing the country hosting amateur cook-offs focusing on varying ingredients.

Philly gets CHEESE.
Chefs will pair Cheese dishes with Brooklyn Beers.
All participants get a $50 gift cert to Whole Foods
The winner gets to head up to Brooklyn to compete in the Championships.

Celebrity Judges include Emilio Mignucci of Dibruno Brothers, Maria Valetta, Tony Luke, and Mike Stollenwerk of FISH, Fathom, and Little Fish.

There will be homemade cheese, mac n cheese, cheese sandwiches, puffs, pie....

An the boys behind the great experiment will be hosting a happy hour at Local 44 tomorrow.

BK Brewery Happy Hour
Join us Thursday June 2nd at Local 44 beer bar (4333 Spruce St.) from 5-7PM for a Brooklyn Brewery Happy Hour. You’ll be able to meet the competing chefs and learn more about the Cheese Experiment as well as our Food Experiments national cookoff tour. Allow us to buy you some beer at Philly Beer Week’s beer headquarters!

Watch it in action

Brooklyn Cheese Experiment from Mark Kupasrimonkol on Vimeo.