November 30, 2011

TONIGHT- Philly Beer Week Raffle- Win a Trip to Belgium

Have you ever been to the land of Beer and Chocolate?
I haven't.
I h ave a few ballot tickets in for my beau Lance Romance tonight.
You can vote for him (you should) or one of our other local greats like Casey Hughes or Gordon Grubb at City Taphouse TONIGHT.

Fun starts at 7. Raffle is drawn at 8:30.


Dock St Man Full of Trouble Porter
Dock St. Prisoner of Hell
Troegs Dreamweaver
Troegs Mad Elf
Yards Bourbon Barrel George Washington Porter
Yards Brawler
Yards Love Stout
Philly Brewing Co Walt Wit
Philly Brewing Co Harvest from the Hood
Dogfish Head Chicory Stout
Dogfish Head Burton Baton
Fegley's Brewworks Rude Elf Reserve
Fegley's Brewworks Hopsolutely
Flying Fish Grand Cru
Iron Hill Aztec Porter (homebrew collab)
Manayunk Philadelphia Porter
Nodding Head (TBD)
Stoudts Triple
Stoudts Revel Red
Twin Lakes Tweed Tavern Stout
Victory Root Beer (for the Designated Drivers)
Victory One Village
Victory Lager

Learn how to Homebrew- Thursday Dec. 8th at the South Philadelphia Public Library

Next Thursday - Sean Mellody of Mellody Brewing Co- a nano- brewery in Queen Village will be demonstrating how to homebrew.
The event is free- yes, Free!
And one lucky attendee will walk away with a kit to get his or her homebrewing hobby started.

Event starts at 6:30.
The library is located at 1700 Broad St.

Perfect location to head  Eastward afterward and grab a beer on Passyunk Ave.

Two Track: Christmas Time is Here Again

There's a gazillion Christmas covers out there- but since this it's the beginning of the season- I thought this would be the most appropo-

From the 1967 Beatles Fanclub Christmas Album-
"Christmas time is Here Again"

Apparently there are versions from R.E.M. and the Smithereens but the only one I could find a youtube video for was Ringo's Solo version.

Enjoy this festive time. Take time to reconnect with friends. Make some Christmas cookies. Treat yourself as well. Go ahead -Start with the oysters. Buy the dress. See Tuba Christmas for Free at the Kimmel Center. Visit the Christmas Village at LOVE park, and perhaps introduce a friend or family member to a nice roasty stout this season.

In Pursuit of Ale will have their holiday gathering at Standard Tap- 
at 8 pm on Thursday December 15th. 
Pay as you go - Everyone is invited. 
Wear your party hat.

November 22, 2011

Two Track- The Engagement Edition: Diamond in your Mind

There's already been a "When will the rain ever stop?" edition.
So today's "Two-track" won't include a title or lyrics about the wet wet world out there-
instead it will be a post of a toast to two wonderful couples that got engaged this week.
My dear sister, Kathleen and her fiance (that's the first time I said that- woohoo) Jamie Kratz and Casey Hughes of Flying Fish and Julie Wuerth.
Ladies- enjoy your diamonds and guys enjoy the fact that you don't have to do that much at all.

Tom Waits (2000)

Solomon Burke (2002 album- Don't give up on me)

You got the Bird- now here are a few tips on the Beer

Every Thanksgiving- Beer lovers can really relish in pairing their preferred potable with the Thanksgiving meal.
I always enjoy looking up articles and hearing industry experts' two cents on what beers should make the cut.

This year's search quickly led me to a feature in the Washingtonian- which I read now because I have a new interest in their local interests based on my Allagash territory.  The article includes two interviews from local sages- Greg Engert  (Neighborhood Restaurant Group, owner of ChurckKey and Birch and Barley) and Norm Yow (owner of specialty shoppe Norm's Beer and Wine).

From Engert:
“We’re looking for flavorful brews with medium-bodied richness; moderate alcohol; residually sweet tastes of bread, toast, caramel, or even light roast; and spicy-herbal aromatics. Any beer with these properties will go swimmingly with all of the food on Thanksgiving,” says Engert. With that in mind, he divides T-Day eaters into two categories: those who like light meat, and those who prefer dark.

November 16, 2011

The Night before the Night before THANKSGIVING at Local 44

 Everyone is well aware of the amateur drinking nights throughout the year-=
New Years, Valentines (I'm just going to throw that in there- do you know how many babies are probably conceived this night) St Patrick's, 4th of July, AND  Next Wednesday night- the night before Thanksgiving.

Now that I'm in my late early 30s- I really am not keen on being around my family hungover on Thanksgiving. Are you? 
SO- that gave me the idea of "The night before the night before"

So we'll gather a cornucopia of Allagash beer at Local 44 next Tuesday. Beers are tapped at 4 and I will be there 6 till at least 9. I'll have some allagash shwag. It'll be a nice party to start the holiday season.

The Pours
Allagash Dubbel,  
Hugh Malone, 
Fluxus '11,

Blonde (Gold medal GABF 2010)
Big Little (Hoppy Golden ale brewed in collaboration with Beer Advocate gang.)
everyone's favorite Curieux

Tapestry Opens Tonight

I went to the soft opening of Tapestry last night.
24 lines.  150+ bottles
Dark wood and bright bartenders

I saw a lot of friendly faces there to congratulate Kar Vivekananthan and the Agiato team of Rich Rivera and Rob Nydick on opening.  Carmen Capello formerly of Wishing Well was there in the kitchen -all smiles.  Unfortunately I didn't get to eat. But good great news- they serve food every night till 1:30.  They might even come to share a crowd with one of my favorite Passyunk spots, Royal Tavern.

We took a tour to the cold box (glycol system? check!) the lines are very short too which is good.

A partition has gone up to separate the bar from the dining room. The dining room furniture is casual, and the room feels comfortable but the burgundy velvet drapes add a little drama.

I compared it to Varga when Varga first opened- I thought the bar's softness made beer a bit more feminine.  Made ladies who panned a pint and favored a mixed drink think twice.
Varga made it more feminine with paisly upholstrey, vintage pinups, and soft seafoom green and lilac.
Tapestry makes it a bit more sexy.

Sorry no photos.
You'll just have to head to 5th and Bainbridge yourself.


November 15, 2011

Best Bite of the Week:Lemon Chicken Burger at Michel Richard

I have so many stories from my recent Mid-Atlantic travels. I've been so busy- the blog and beer club have suffered for it. But I am going to commit to a post a day regardless of how the day runs away from me.

I have met amazing characters. And I have had some really top-notch dishes.

I was spoiled silly last week.  I headed around the nation's capitol for a couple days with Rob and we had some outstanding meals.
All 10,000 of my taste buds were delighted all over D.C. 
I have also decided that D.C. actually stands for drinking constantly. It's the District of Crunk, Crapulous, Canned,and Clobbered.

I should write Michel Richard and Laurent Tourondel and thank them for providing me with the savory substance I needed to get through, get by, function, present myself as the upstanding sales rep I am.

I would have been just fine with a Ben's Chili Bowl hotdog, or my 17th piece of pizza in five weeks. But instead I had one of the best burgers of my life- The chicken lemon burger at Central. 
 Michel Richard-you're a genius!
The poultry itself was excellent but it was the company on the bun that brought it to next level. A crispy potato tuille, caramelized onions, curry aioli and preserved lemon. And  I should also mention the company on the bar- Allagash White. Central had just put it on tap. 
One of the most memorable pairings I have ever had.

The next day- we dined at BLT Steak. Best crab cake of my life ( you have to like pickled onions. Lance would disagree with me on this one).
Plus you get those popovers. Those heavenly popovers that come with the recipe attached as if guests could ever duplicate such perfection.

Stay tuned for many more Mid-Atlantic adventures including Roof deck nights, beer, and all the pizza a gal can eat.

Two Track: The Contradiction Edition: "You can call me Al"

Sort of sad, introspective lyrics for a fun unbeat tune.

Paul Simon (Chevy Chase edition) 
Give yourself a 4:35 min recess and watch this. Makes me want to watch Caddyshack this weekend.

Jens Lekman- Swedish songster. Just picked up his new LP last week. Best known for "Black Cab"

November 10, 2011


This Saturday the Craft Beer Express is back in Motion.

Many of your favorite Philly beer bars have teamed up and chartered buses you can take from bar to bar for a mere $10.

Buy your tickets here.

Drink Like and Egyptian at Standard Tap
Wet Hop Rodeo at Johnny Brendas
Ommegang day at Kite and Key
Funky Ass shit with funky beers and cheese at Jose Pistolas
10 doppelbocks to drink before you die at Brauhaus Schmitz
Splashing Pumpkins at POPE featuring pumpkin beers and Oktoberfests
Race St- Great Lakes and New Holland square off from Michigan
Founders take over at Sidecar
Stouts and Porters at the Institute featuring Shangys beers
Bishops collar- Bells Bells and more Bells
Devil's Den- 16 quality fall beers from Bella Vista's Portfolio
Kraftwork-  Drink your favorite beers in NITRO form. 

Then you can visit me at a sampling at the BOTTLE SHOP on Passyunk from 6 till 8.

November 9, 2011

SPTR welcomes Jennifer Carroll for an Evening in "New England" featuring Allagash BEERS!

This my fellow Philadelphians is going to be killer.
You've got the unconventional chef Scott Schroeder, Top Chef Allstar (and all-around great gal) Jen Carrol and Allagash beers getting together for the evening of November 30th.
The dinner explores some of the dishes of Allagash's Home state of Maine and includes some of Allagash's limited beers like Victoria, Grand Cru, and Big Little, a Beer Advocate collaboration.

It is the first in a series featuring the Longview Center for Agriculture in Collegeville. The next dinner will be out there.

From a cook named Scott:

We are kickin the meal off with a marinated wellfleet oyster, sea urchin potato-salt cod fritter potato-salt cod fritter, celery remoulade, foie gras tourchon, cranberry gastrique, paired with Victoria
Allagash Beer Dinner with Guest Chef Jennifer Carroll
1st course: day boat scallop capaccio, shaved celery, cracked pepper, chilled cherry tomato-horseradish infused vodka,  white
2nd course: chowder style little neck clams, milk braised country time bacon,  little big
3rd course: skate wing, squash puree, brown butter grand cru
4th course: classic lobster newburg  triple
5th course: meyer’s all natural beef shortrib pot roast, mashed potatoes, root vegetables black
cheese: cabot cloth bound cheddar, honey crisp apple jam, oat streusel dubbel
dessert: maple bread pudding, bourbon ice cream, curieux

$80 plus tax and gratuity.
Limited seating
RESERVATIONS: 215.271.SPTR (7787)

November 8, 2011

Two Track: Election Day Edition

Here's a duet of the late greats Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer covering Bob Marley's classic "Redemption Song"

The Legend


November 2, 2011

Wrestling Quizzo Spectacular- this Sunday at the POPE 7 pm

Revisit the glory days of growing up with Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, and Dusty Rhodes- or should I say the "Midnight Rider," this Sunday at the POPE at 7 pm.

Dress in character, and have Johnny jog your memory of the greatest "sport" in history. Prizes for costumes as well as top scores.

This is the only "hacksaw" pic I could find of me
but trust me there was a 2x4 and knee pads

Many of you might know I love Wrestling circa 1984-1994. I celebrated all federations UWF, AWA, NWA,
( before it was WCW) and WWF (before it was WWE.)

A few years ago I dressed up as Miss Elizabeth for my 28th birthday party.

For Halloween I have been Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Mt. Figi in the last few years.

I will be there with bells on.  I might even get to host a round.

November 1, 2011

Two Track: SHOUT! The day after Halloween Animal House party edition

For Halloween- Fergie wanted to have an Animal House Toga party. So we did. I wore a toga for the first time. It was a little bunchy with my queen size bed sheet- but it looked okay. And what a cheap way to go. $5 for rope and crown of fake leaves and I was done.

Here's a link to the Animal House clip featuring "Shout."

The original by the Isley Brothers in 1959. It was their first big hit.

Scottish singer LuLu remade this merry maker in 1964.
Next time you're in a slump- play this video and slump be gone.