January 30, 2012

A Beer for All Seasons Debuts Tonight at the Four Season's Swann Lounge

Tonight launches a collaborative series between Dock Street Brewing Co and The Four Seasons.  Brewer Scott Morrison and Executive Chef Rafael Gonzalez will have three more beers in store for us in 2012.

The brewery-hotel relationship stems back to the camaraderie enjoyed while Rosemary Certo and company were docked on 19th St within close proximity of the hotel back in the 90s.

The truffled old ale was brewed by Morrison at the Baltimore Ave brewpub, then transported to the hotel to age in Chardonnay barrels. It was then hand bottled straight out of the barrels and has been conditioning for four weeks.

The debut will take place in the Swann Lounge from 6 till 8 this evening.
There's been a lot of buzz about this beer so I would arrive on the early side. I recently checked out Calaca Feliz, Fairmount's new and needed Cantina on Friday. Perhaps tonight I will mosey up to Lemon Hill before or after.

750 ml bottles will sell for $16 tonight and $19.85 thereafter.
Pour will be available tonight for $8.

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