January 18, 2012

Two Track: The Man Who Loved Beer

I remember discovering Lambchop by accident in 2002.  It was as mellow as mellow gets. People would compare his voice to the great Leonard Cohen.  Here David Byrne remakes his 1996 "The Man who love Beer" But the lyrics don't include the word beer once.

to whom can i speak today
the brothers they are evil
and the old friends of today
they have become unlovable
to whom can i speak today
the gentleness has perished
and the violent man has come down on everyone
to whom can i speak today
the wrong which roams the earth
there can be no end to it
it is just unstoppable
death is in my sights today
and when a man desires
to see home after many years in jail
february through december
we have such a tragic hue
as separate as the fingers
or suddenly as one as the hand
and the violent man comes down on everyone

Lambchop 1996

David Byrne 2004- This is my preferred version- more violins.More energy overall.

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