February 16, 2012

Belgium or BUST!

Brasserie Dupont courtesy of Vanburg and DeWulf website
The suitcase is zipped. And I am just waiting on Mr. perfect packer to get out of here and get to 30th St.
We start our vacation in Charm City- with Max's Belgian Beer Weekend.
Unfortunately I will be missing the big ALLAGASH day on Sunday down there because I will be in Belgium!

Lance and I fly in to London. Then meet up with Tom Peters and crew in Brussels on Sunday.
Next up is Brugge. Then we head to Brasserie Dupont on Tuesday so Lance can brew the 2012 Philly Beer Week Collaboration beer.

Thursday is Ghent. Friday is Paris. Saturday is back to London. I am sure they will miss us by then.
And we'll miss all of you.
I am going to do my best to keep up with live tweets where there is WiFi and blog if at all possible.

See you soon;)

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  1. I'm jealous! Have fun!!!

    --random guy you see and recognize when you see him, Bruce