February 15, 2012

Best Bite of the Week: Monte Cristo at Green Eggs

Just look at that sandwich!
I feel so fortunate to live about 60 paces from Royal Tavern. And would be content not leaving the block before noon on a Sunday. But Lance has his favorites and the gent is always throwing Carmen's and Green Eggs into the pool of suggestion.

I knew Green Eggs would be too crowded-but I was sleepy and apathetic and went along with his wish. The wait was 30-40 minutes. They have that room you walk into that has a miniature breakfast bar and a nice fireplace but other than that its a massive waiting room for the two dining rooms by which it is flanked.

Luckily there were two seats at the bar.  They had a Monte Cristo on special.   I had my choice of sides and went for the tomato soup.  The soup arrives and its no flat, boring lycopene-laden bisque. It's chunky, vibrant and garnished with gorgonzola.

Lance got the do-si-do french toast.  Which was good- but I couldn't do more than a bite.It made me want to drink a gallon of milk.  Actually-my dehydrated bones could probably use the calcium.

Green Eggs is the home of the best bite of the week and continues to prove to be one of the city's best bruncheries. 13th and Dickinson or check out their sophomore location on N. 2nd st in Northern Liberties.

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  1. Definitely looks awesome! I like the grill marks on the top of the sandwich. Super cool.