February 15, 2012

I know you know Tiffin, but have you met Tashan? Rewind on my Allagash COOK class with Sanjay Shende

SANJAY makes beer bread with BLACK
Tashan has received a lot of positive buzz since their fall opening-
but I still talk to plenty of people that haven't been.  So far I've made it in for lunch  and brunch (twice) -although the sexy, modern decor lends itself to more of a prime-time dining event.

The textures and flavors of the myriad of dishes are nothing short of exquisite. The food begs to be paired with beer and Belgian beer does a great job. (currently no Allagash in the coolers- but you can get an Ommegang hennepin).

I had the opportunity to work with Chef Sanjay Shende on a COOK class on Superbowl Sunday. At first I was a bit intimidated - but then we had a (what chef referred to as) fruitful afternoon together.

The week before our COOK class, we developed the pairings--balancing out acidity of tomato-based sauces with malty dubbels, cooking a white sauce for a chicken dish with the white to pair with the white. We paired odyssey with a charred eggplant dish-paired and curieux with a cardamom dumpling... In three hours, I learned so much from this Irish-Indian Master chef. He even trusted me with a skewer to flip a bread in the tandoor oven.

You have to make it to TASHAN and You have to attend a COOK class. They are featuring the city's greatest chefs and food personalities. Schedule gets posted and the classes fill up quite quickly. So sign up for their newsletter, or stay tuned to Foobooz for more details. 

Sanjay and his team
Just flour, Allagash BLACK and a lil salt!

COOK rewards "students" hard " work" a little house plant!

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