February 15, 2012

Molly Malloys featuring 1892 Market Stout (and some pretty good prices)

I have a bunch of good eats and peeps to catch you up on.  I had a pal that said in jest that this became a "music blog."
That is definitely not the intention.

So here goes.
Two Fridays ago I finally checked out
Molly Malloys at Reading Terminal Market.

One of my dreams was to have enough dollars to buy the Beer Garden at the terminal.  I thought it was so odd that in a wonderland of produce, and local PA products that the bar had mostly macro-produced lagers on tap.

Not anymore. The new tenants (of the Iovine family) have done an excellent job. 

I was first surprised by the lay out of it- much more open atmosphere. There's a large rectangular bar as you first walk in and dining behind that. at 2 pm on a Friday afternoon the place was jamming.

The spigots are largely local. Sierra Nevada hailing from Cali and a few European imports. But the Mid-Atlantic was well-represented by Sly Fox, Lancaster, Philly Brewing, Troegs, Yards, etc..

It was a club soda lunch for me....but I did order one of the day's specials, a grilled peach salad. The peaches were served with fresh asaparagus, corn, grape tomatoes. The veggies were crisp and well-dressed.
I would have paid $13 but it was only $9. Across the board- the dishes were reasonable priced.

A much-needed addition to the Market. Keep up the good work guys (and gals).

Philadelphia Brewing Company helped the Market celebrate it's 120th anniversary by brewing "Engine 1892 Market Stout."The stout is a lighter, approachable stout with chocolate and vanilla bean notes, brewed with chocolate from Reading Terminal Market’s very own Chocolate by Mueller. 6% ABV. Limited Time Only.

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