March 22, 2012

Beer Theatre At Nomad Pizza Every Sunday and Wednesday!!!!

This Sunday the legendary
 "Rebel without a cause" is showing at Nomad pizza's "Beer Theatre"

Showtime is 8 pm.
Allagash White is the featured beer of the day $4.
Try the clam pizza!

Nomad has a smooth, clean look. Reclaimed wood tables and floors are accented by red chairs and a red backdrop in the "open kitchen."
Actually they don't have a kitchen. They have a counter and a beaut of a pizza oven.

I found out that beer theatres are very popular in Portland, Oregon.
Besides the awesome french films in Bistro La Minette's back yard "Movie Monday" at the Troc and Fancy Pants Cinema at N. 3rd. there aren't a lot of beer and movie options out there.

One Sunday a month - I'll be sampling beers as well.

Tom and Stalin of Nomad are taking this pretty seriously.
The sound quality is top-notch. They have a permanent screen on the wall in the upstairs dining room.

Here are a few more to look forward to:
Rocky next Wednesday!
Nomad Pizza is located on 7th st a block south of South.

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