March 7, 2012

Craft Beer Express this Saturday

It's time for the semi-annual  
Craft Beer Express. Purchase Tickets here: As of Monday they were more than half-way sold out.

My best bud April is visiting from San Diego so hopefully she wants to cruise around and hit some of the following events. 

Standard Tap is pouring all barrel-aged beers all day. Here's a few:

Old Forge bourbon barrel aged Hank Stout
Old Forge bourbon barrel aged Quad
Victory Smoking Oats Porter
Peak Organic oak aged Mocha Stout
Dogfish Head Nobel Rot
Lost Abbey Deliverance
Weyerbacher Insanity
Weyerbacher Fireside Ale
Dock Street Prince Mishkin
Brauhaus Schmitz will be pouring German beers that you most likely never heard of. Some our being poured for the first time stateside.

Devil's Den will be pouring a variety of beers from Shangy's portfolio. Have a Bell's Double cream stout with Cameron Saunders!

P.O.P.E. will be pouring a variety of Colorado beers. Go mile high at Passyunk and Dickinson.

Sidecar will host the 3rd annual IPA's greatest hits.  They will be pouring over 30 different IPas and Double IPas throughout the weekend.

Johnny Brendas- STOUT BRUNCH!! This was packed last year. Get there early

Institute- Barleywine Bonanza. 10 different ones.

Bishops Collar- Jersey dan of Six Points is deejaying. A bevy of the Brooklyn brewery will be on tap including a firkin or two.

Kite and Key- Some very special stuff from Firestone Walker

Kraftwork-  Goose Island Philly launch!

Jose Pistolas- Chuck Norris Birthday party (although Chuck can't make it). There's no real them to the beers other than the fact that they are "bad ass" in the words of Casey and Joe.

Race Street Cafe-= is getting ready for Spring. Try some of your Winter favorites before they go into hibernation

Nodding Head also has their "2nd Saturday" event featuring the following:

Rudy's Kung Fu Grip, a very strong (11%abv) Belgian-style ale, along with Rudy's Icy Grip, just in case the 11% regular Rudy isn't enough for you. To round out the RKFG trio, we'll have some Rudette, a small Rudy, relatively speaking.

Ostap, a nicely hopped lower alcohol Belgian-style Pale ale will be poured along with Cherry Ostap and dry-hopped Ostap.

The third threesome will be Grog, our award winning English Brown Ale, with 2 additional cask versions of Grog, which for now will remain our secret

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