April 10, 2012

BEER SCHOOL this Wednesday with multiple Brendans!

Perhaps by now you've met Brendan Kingston. He's the chap that represents B. United in our fine city. 

If you've enjoyed some crazy Italian beers on tap at the new Alla Spina- you can thank him tomorrow afternoon.

He will be teaching BEER SCHOOL at Resurrection Ale House on Greys Ferry. 4 pm.

They will be hosting these classes on second Wednesdays every month. Sign up for their newsletter to be privy to all this info. I'll make it easy for you...scroll down to the bottom of this page to do so.

He also hosts a Podcast- "The Professional Beer Nerd," one in which he jabbers on with his friends Brad and Tim. Beer is the topic woven between banter. In the most recent episode they wax IPAs and whether or not the "history" of the hoppy beers is even remotely accurate.

Resurrection's Brendan Hartranft will most likely be there with a quip or two.  Class is complimentary. Please arrive prior to 4 pm.

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  1. Wow thanks! I just saw this! Thanks for all the support-- you're the best!