April 18, 2012

Just doing my duty as "campaign manager"

On Tuesday, May 22nd Philly Beer Scene will host the Philly Beer Scene Awards at World Cafe Live.

It will be hosted by columnist/bar owner Joe Gunn. You can vote for your faves and buy your tix here.

Tickets are reasonably priced at $15.

To my knowledge nothing quite like this has ever been done acknowledging the efforts of the local beer industry. Co-Founder Mat Falco has confirmed that over 400 feet of red carpet has been ordered.  So- yes, guests are encouraged to wear their best threads...

Which means Lance Romance is probably not going to sport his Weyermann Red Overalls. But he is in the running for "Best Brewer." If you've enjoyed his beers as much as you enjoy playing Words with Friends with him, give him your vote.

1 comment:

  1. unfortunately it's only like 140 feet of red carpet, but don't forget that you'll be on the red carpet doing your best Joan Rivers impersonation.