April 24, 2012

Music City!

Lance Romance took a long weekend and whisked me away to celebrate the uneventful birthday that is 34.
I woke up on Friday morning and heard him call a cab and said "To the airport." To the airport!  I had no idea where we were going till we got to the gate.I had predicted Chicago- but once I knew we were going to terminal F- I knew Chi-town was out of the running. He handed me the boarding pass to get through security and I didn't look at it. We made it all the way to the gate.  He went to pick up a vitamin water and I looked toward the gate and saw a small rectangular sign for Nashville. How awesome is that? 72 hours in Music City.
In edition to a bevy of banjo-playing aspiring music men and women, there's a thriving food scene. Lance did all the necessary research and scored us reservations at two to Nashville's finest, Catbird Seat and City House (these will be reviewed in separate posts).

We also hit up some hot chicken at 400 degrees. I did the 100 degrees. Lance feeling bold in the mid-west- did 200 degrees. He barely could talk. Hot chicken is cooked to order. So even though it seems like it should be fast food- you have to wait about 20 minutes. They had hundreds of magazines to keep you occupied.

Then we headed straight to the Honky Tonks. Lance had spent about 2 hours in Nashville before, so he knew a lil bit more than me. He also chatted with a few people to get the scoop. We started at the legendary Tootsies. It was only about 2:30 in the afternoon and the places was packed. Lots of women dolled up with bud lights in hand.  The amateur band played for tips. They did a good job of working the crowd and getting their bucket full of Jacksons.

We had an early ressie at Catbird seat. Nine courses later- we're off to the Cannery- a music venue to see the Punch brothers.  We make it about an hour into the show, and Lance was under the weather. So we headed back to rest up and squeeze as much as we could out of Saturday.

And believe me we did that. I gotta go now- but stay tuned for A free Langhorne Slim concert, Record Store day, Lucky Bucket beers, cupcakes, City House, yours truly getting sassy on a bouncer, Being losers  at a karaoke bar called "Winners," and the night of a thousand Fat Tires.


  1. Good work by your dude, there! Hot chicken is the greatest, and it's definitely a shame that it's never really made it up north. My favorite thing in the world is the extra-hot from Prince's, but I always had to eat it at home, lest ambulances be called for me as my face turns ketchup-red. After a few years of that, nothing really scratches the heat itch in quite the same way.

  2. Did you try any of the Yazoo beers while you were in Nashville? If so, what did you thing.