April 10, 2012

TWO TRACK: Born on a Train

Lance Romance said I could pick a four-day trip for my upcoming birthday.
At first I though- let's look at E-savers and wing it.
Then I was thinking Chicago- then plane tickets went up over $100 within 12 hours. Then I thought Nashville or Savannah as I was craving some southern charm.  BUT then- I went on Amtrak and saw we can travel on the "Adirondack" train from New York to Montreal for $89 round trip...  However- I would be on a train for 20 hours in four days. That's a lot of "Words with Friends."  Anyway-I still haven't made up my mind... but here's  "Born on a Train."

Magnetic Fields - live version from Cambridge, Mass

Arcade Fire-awesome cover by Win Butler and his crew.  He tells the story of how he discovered the song in a shoe store...

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  1. I've done the train to Montreal a few times. It's a long effing train ride. And you have to be at 30th Street before dawn. Montreal is such an awesome city that I usually forgot how long the train ride was once I'm there.

    $89 is really cheap. Usually it's $140 or so.