April 24, 2012

TWO TRACK: Naive Melody/This Must be the Place

Sometimes two-tracks take me a while to find.  This time took about two seconds.

It was about 3 weeks ago that I was listening to 88.5, cruising through my day when I heard a catchy song.  And then Helen Leight comes on the radio telling me the band is going to be at Johnny Brendas on April 24th. What? Sweet. I had birthday plans. I could tell from one song that I liked their sound.

They are The Lumineers. The song was "Hey-Ho." I've heard it many times since then but I've also looked up a bunch of other songs. I just got back from Nashville and they will be playing down there next weekend but thanks to my Johnny Brendas buds I will get to see them here. Ironically, I miss Langhorne Slim every time he's in Philly and I got to see him do a free concert in Nashville behind a record store.

Anyway--So I looked up the words "Lumineers cover the ..." and I find a version of "Naive Melody" from the Talking Heads. I can't think of a better birthday two track.


The Talking Heads 

The Lumineers March 23rd 2012

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