May 22, 2012

Philly Beer Scene Awards: TONIGHT

So I've yet to post about tonight. But it's a big one. This is the 3rd year Philly Beer Scene has given out awards to local beer heroes- but the first time that an official ceremony has been attached to it.

I'm excited for many reasons:

1) I get to see Ric Hoffman in the middle of the week
2) The Bella Vista crew is arriving in style via limousine- that definitely adds to the celebration
3) I will be on the red carpet interviewing guests as they arrive. This could get really awkward.
4) Someone is going to win this thing- I mean "win" with all the firkins flowing and beer about- someone  is going to get way too drunk and embarrass themselves- let's hope it's not me.
5) Lance romance has a ridiculous awesome outfit.
6) Curt Decker and Wendy Domurat (birthday girl) are coming straight from Mexico (airport) to the bash.
7) Joe Gun has a pin all to himself on stage.

It's tonight and I have no idea what I am wearing.
I sorta wanted to wear the dress I wore to the Mayoral ball in 2003- cuz it fits! But It also makes me look a bit like Madonna in the Vogue video. That might have to stay in the closet.

Best of Luck to all. And thanks for all your efforts to make our city the Best Beer Drinking city in AMERICA.

See you on the carpet.

Nominees for Best Brewery
Victory, Troegs, Yards, Weyerbacher, and Flying Fish

Nominees for Best Brewer 
Casey Hughes, Chris Lapierre (who's that?) Chris Wilson, Tim Roberts and Gordon Grubb

Nominees for Best Brewpub
Iron Hill, Nodding Head, Earth Bread brewery, Dock St, Stewarts

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