May 16, 2012

Two Track: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Indoor/Outdoor Pool
This Sunday- I headed to the new Revel Resort with a few of my beer ladyfriends to celebrate a couple birthdays, We went to the AMAZING "Bask" spa complete with a Himilayan pink salt room.  It might be a bit pricey (facials start at $145) but you get to hang out in their Wet Lounge, and Pool area which is nicer than any spa I have ever been to.  If you're staying at the hotel- you can also forgo the treatment and pay $55 to play in the water all day. I got an enzymatic peel of sorts. So if you see me this week and can't tell I drank everything under the Revel roof- that is why. She also recommended I use a product called "ICU." Not exactly what you want to hear in such a state of serenity.

The beer part: We started at Amada (which has the best view) then hit Village Whiskey to reunite with an old Philly industry contact Mark Grika of Chifa. We then took a restaurant break  and headed back to our room on the 18th floor to drink a growler of "batch 100" I stole from my Lance Romance. Then we hit  Mussel Bar for a few Whites and walked another ten feet across the way to throw back some margies at Distrito. We ended the night with burlesque spot, Royal Jelly.  My bartender who boasted 15 years in the industry didn't know what a sazerac was - so my order turned into Jameson on the rocks. Then we played fooseball, and air hockey on the way back to the room.

Yes- us beer girls know how to have fun.  Woke up severely dehydrated but had inspiration for this week' two track.s

You see- Cyndi didn't write "Girls just wanna have fun."
It was written and first performed by PhiladelphianRobert Hazard, who passed away four years ago.

Robert Hazard

Cyndi Lauper

And why not?
Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj 2010 "Salute the troops" concert


  1. This is great. I've booked a week stay at Revel in July. I might just steal your itinerary!

  2. Cyndi's version by far the best of the 3