May 28, 2012

Two track: Some Guys Have All the Luck

I was cruising around on Saturday -doing  "reverse shopping" as my sister titled it.  I hate returning things because my  mother was a chronic returner.  She would go to Marshalls, load up a cart and return half of the items a week later.  But this needed to be done.
So while I am heading East to West in South Philly with a palm tree in my car- I hear this reggae version of Rod Stewart's "Some guys have all the luck."  Then when I get home to look  up  youtube videos for this week's two track- I learn that Rod Stewart's version wasn't event the original!

In 1973 -it was first performed by the Persuaders. Made it to 36 on the billboard charts.

The version I heard while running errands- turns out to be Maxi Priest. ( #12 in UK in 1987)

Rod Stewart- took it to the top 10 on the billboard charts in 1984

AND one more

the late, great Robert Palmer (1982)

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  1. Hey Suzanne....just read about the Inquirer Beer Week competition on and saw that one of the winners in the new beer category was "Saizanne Wood", a spicy Belgian from Iron Hill in Maple Shade. There's gotta be a connection here, right?

    Jon Bart