June 19, 2012

Forest & Main: First Visit

I didn't have nearly enough time at Forest and Main for my first visit to the Ambler brewpub last Sunday.

Lance and I were coming back from my Father's day picnic in Green Lane when we decided to detour to Ambler.
I wasn't hungry at all, and still not wanting anything with an abv in my system after my LanghorneSlimfififtyminuteencore/byogoingaway party/whynotonemoreatthetrestle Friday night.
We got a flight which comes on this clever chalk-board painted slab with holes cut out for the glassware. The bar keep, local legend Mike Maguire, has to write the individual  beers on them every time he sells one.

My stand-outs were Tiny Tim, extremely flavorful  at 3.5% and Lunaire   An amber-colored saison-style that had been aged in chardonay barrels. 

They were reasonable priced. Guests can try four oz of four beers for $6.50.

We'll be back. He's got his eye on the lime-cilantro popcorn, and I on the lamb although the fish and chips I saw leave the kitchen could get me to change my mind about fish and chips.

Kudos to Dan Endicott and Gerard Olson.  I'll write a more detailed recap of our second visit.

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