June 5, 2012

TODAY: Triple 4 ways, dunk tank, picnic, GHOULSCHIP, and a $%*&ton of WATER

I scoop up Rob at the plane station at 3:10. He throws his bags in his hotel and we head to Bishops Collar.
We will be pouring 4 versions of our triple.
The Tripel
 the much-loved Curieux (aged in Jim Beam Barrels for 8 weeks and blended with fresh triple)
A version of Curieux in Bookers barrels instead of Jim Beam
YAKUZA- dry-hopped with Sorachi-ace.

At 7 pm we will mosey EAST to Memphis Taproom where we will picnic outside. Music playing, awesome beers pouring including an '09 curieux and Saison Mihm.

at 10 will will head to BARCADE- where Rob will hopefully find a fixed "Tempest" machine and 2011 Confluence. They will be pouring 15 other Allagash's as well. Rob has been friends with the Barcade guys for a long time now. They will be pouring a very rare sixtel of Ghoulschip, a pumpkin sour, that we brewed for Elysian's pumpkin fest last year.


Join me at POPE as we watch 5 contestants eat pie. To fit into the fruit theme we will be pouring OLD HLT- a tart cherry beer three years in the making.

You have to have happy hour somewhere- I think Southwark is a pretty good idea. Join me there for Victor and Victoria and some beer-inspired happy hour noshes. If you miss me there- catch up with me  at For Pete's Sake before I leave town for SAVOR.

5th annual TUD- the Totally unnecessary drink- at FERGIEs. Live Karaoke band.

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