July 5, 2012

Calling all nerds to NERD NITE- Wednesday, July 11th

nerd nite is a monthly lecture events that strives for an inebriated, salacious, yet deeply academic vibe.  It's often about science or technology, but by no means is limited to such topics.  The organizers consider it like "The Discovery Channel- but with beer!"

There will be three presentations throughout the night and an interlude of music by BETA TEST between the presentations.

Mark Weinman of Great Lakes will join me for a presentation on ...................what else- BEER.
I could talk about how to poorly handle records ( I am very good at it) or how to botch a batch of ice cream (done that a time or two) but no- we'll stick with what I do most- drink and talk beer.

We're going to debunk some beer myths and Mark will talk some about Great Lakes Brewing Co and will execute a tutored tasting of Wright Brothers Pils and the Dortmunder.

This all takes place at nerdnite's monthly home, Frankford Hall.  
Door's open at 7 and presentations begin at 7:30.

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