July 30, 2012


Today is a special day.
It's my dear friend Megan Maguire's birthday.
Megan works hard. Plays hard.
Loves her friends and family to the fullest.
She's rather funny, though she tries to be humble about her humor. Everyone who comes in contact with her can appreciate her way and her style.  It's a style that isn't quite Amelia Bedelia, for she is far more savvy. But she has this delightful way of transposing words and switching peoples/bands or bars names that just cracks us all up. We balance each other out nicely.

Wendy (left) Megan (right) posing at Anthropologie

I wouldn't know anything about politics if 
it wasn't for her, and I'm quick with a text back is she needs to know what something is called, or where she can find good vegan food when her boss is in town. 
When we first met, I totally snubbed her because she was sporting some khakis and was representing a brand that is responsible for my worst hangover of all time. 
 I even blew her off the second time we met.
I was lucky enough to wise up and now we're two peas in our Philly pod. 
She loves movies, Stephen Colbert, smoked fish, coffee, and twitter. 
She REALLY loves twitter.


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