July 5, 2012

A night at the cinema: The Amazing Spiderman

I've been sittin' on a $25 FANDANGO gift card for 7 months now. I actually got it for someone as a Christmas treat and never got around to giving it to them (sorry Michael). I was working on a bunch of stuff all day, while Lance was working on getting caught up with Sons of Anarchy. We needed to get out of the house. I thought it would be the perfect night to go to the movies. We don't go often and when we do venture we venture to one of the RITZs. But RITZ filmbill doesn't work with Fandango- so we were going to have to brave the Riverview. The Amazing Spiderman was the only thing we agreed on. I didn't think he would want to see Tatum Channing's hips swivel.  

I keep saying Superman- not sure why- but The Amazing Spiderman was awesome. Lance and I even separated with an extra $5 each so we could take all the action in 3-D. Andrew Garfield could not be more adorable and if Emma Stone wasn't equally adorable I would have a major problem with their love connection. I'd like to buy them both a beer someday.  

We had forty minutes to kill before previews -so we popped over to Warm Daddys. it was the first time I was there since they relocated to the Movie theatre parking lot.

We lucked out and it was happy hour. We were keeping it N/A this evening with lemonades, but we benefited from it anyway.  We got firecracker shrimp, chicken tenders, corn on the cob and two lemonades for $20.80.  They even put out a free buffet as thought they cheap eats weren't enough. A  jazz band played all the while.

The biggest surprise was the 750 ml bottles of Allagash BLACK on the shelf. Whhattt? 
I definitely didn't sell that in but I was happy to see it. Next time I'm back and it's not a lemonade kinda night- I'll be ordering that.  On tap - one could get Sierra Nevada or Abita for craft options. They had bottles of Chimay Blue as well. And if you want a bottle of Dom for $250 they have that too.

So let us get outside our comfort zones more often and go into those restaurants we pass all the time because it's not "of the moment." And there might just be a 750 ml bottle of BLACK for $12 waiting for you in there.

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