July 24, 2012

Week in Rewind <<<<<< From Charm City to Chocolate City

Spent the majority of the week -south of the Mason Dixon.  One night in Baltimore, Two in DC.
I was riding around with My head honcha for a couple of days-poking our heads around the market, looking for different trends, but seeing a lot of the same beers.
We first ventured to Hudson St. Stackhouse. I was embarrassed to say it was my first visit.  One might drive right past the unassuming front on Hudson St. but once you make it inside, there's plenty to entertain the eyes.  Naomi was especially excited about the bubble hockey.  They had an excellent line-up of beers although we didn't have time to stay for one just then.

Rawbar Happy Hour at Thames St. Oyster house
We eventually made our way to Thames St. Oyster House where Allagash White flows and pairs well with a variety of mollusks.  We ordered some oysters and clams.I tried to explain to Naomi that I think I like the ceremony of oysters more than the gustatory experience.

We also stopped at Todd Connors, home of my favorite crab cake sandwich.  I've been going here for years and always wanted them to rotate taps a bit more.  Good news, they have a new bar manager, and he intends on doing just that.  I REALLY wanted to take her to One-Eyed-Mikes to see if she fancied Grand Marnier but no time because it was time for Alewife

Naomi was a big fan of Daniels's New England bars, so she was anxious to see his Baltimore spot.  There we met a gent, Tim who used to work for St. Killians imports and now sells sparkling cocktails.  He was very nice and definitely believed in his product.  I could never sell sparkling cocktails, but good for Tim.

It's been at least two hours since we ate, so it's time to eat again. We head to one of my favorite Charm city haunts, Brewer's Art. Their pricing was so reasonable, we assumed they were small plates so we ordered four items ranging from Gnocchi to a "Bahn Mi." My week of gluttony was not stopping anytime soon.  The food was a stand-out of the week. We peaked into the owl bar then called it a night. We had a 9 am with Max's Taphouse. It's always nice to see Casey Hard. We chatted for a while then headed off to see Naomi's old friends, Ryan and Leigh at "Of Love and Regret," the bier cafe in Brewer's Hill.  They were closed- so down to DC. 

We hit Black Squirrel, Mellow Mushroom, crossed the Potomac and said "Hi" to the soon-to-open World of Beer. We then hit coffee shop BUZZ for a pick-me-up and met our wholesaler at Rustico.  There I had a few delicious sips of Blue Mountain brewery's IPA and Evolution Brewing Co. Uprise stout.
The AURAmist!
Then back to bustle of  DC. We hit Jack Rose and the Reef in Adams Morgan, then to our SWANK swank quarters for the evening. A priceline bargain if there ever was one.  We didn't check in until 12:05 so one of the only rooms they had left was the Premier Suite.  I opened the door, and there was an illuminated cocoon shower.  There was also a bath! Yes- multiple bathing options.  The view overlooked Thomas Circle. The next morning I grabbed some Iced coffee from the lobby and started emails from the roofdeck pool.  Gotta love a Kimpton Hotel.
Black and Orange by 14th and U

That was a long day. We had great conversations with a bunch of our district buddies; Church Key, Meridian Pint, Granville Moores, and Smith Commons. We found some new spots like Black and Orange, a funky burger-grilling joint, and Shaw Tavern, an upscale tavern with an outdoor mister that made it hard to leave. But Naomi's plane wasn't going to wait for her at Reagan International.

I met up with pal Steven Cardello of Ommegang and Duvel later that night and bounced around with some of his friends. Always interesting to hear more about the DC beer scene since I can't make it down there all the time.  I wrapped up the night at the legendary "Horace and Dickies." They were sold out of everything but the fried fish. So I went for it based on the recommendation of my new friend Ryan who swears he met me in Philly 7 years ago.  As we eat it on the side of the road, strangers come up and join us.  It seemed like the most natural meeting in the world.  Ryan went in to his car and got them some Witte and the four of us had a moonlit meal.  Lindsay told us about her work at the Library of Congress while Mark tried to get Lindsay to go home with him.  I gave Horace and Dickies a few bottles of Allagash and promised I would be back.  I met one of the owners and asked him if he was Horace or Dickie, and he said he was both.  3rd generation owner.  He also asked me out. I said I am spoken for and I live in Philadelphia, He boldly responded, " I know how to get to Philadelphia."  It was one of my more bizarre encounters in DC.

That's all folks.
If you are ever headed to Baltimore or DC and need recommendations, please email me at beerlass@gmail.com.

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