August 28, 2012

I WANT YOU to enlist in my small drinking ARMY tomorrow night

We're in the twilight weeks of summer. It's been a good one. 
Hopefully you've had a chance to enjoy a few beers at Morgan's Pier, our waterfront's seasonal hot spot serving up a nice selection of beer and some good eats by collaborative Chef David Katz.

First sunny Sunday afternoon I went- I thought this place needs Allagash. Sure, I saw a ton of tecate cans, but I also saw that they had specifically carved out space for Craft beer lovers, and I wanted said lovers to be loving some White! But as with most things in life, the cliche is ever-applicable, "Easier said than done."
Soooooooo- I was quick to jump on an offer that was presented to me a couple weeks ago.keep August 29th open and you have a chance to be on tap for the whole 2013 season.

Usually I think these kinds of contests are bogus. The beer deserves to be on tap, because it will move well and you're going to make some great money on it.  But I am sure that many brewery reps feel that way about their beer. The industry is quite competitive, especially- locally.

 So why not? But I am just one person, so I need YOU to meet me at Morgan's Pier tomorrow before 5 pm (or as soon as you can get there) and help me kick this keg of Allagash WHITE with a quickness.  

I will be there at 4 pm. Happy Hour is 5-7. $3 beers $12 growlers.

WHERE: Morgan's Pier
WHEN: As soon as you can get there after 4 pm.
WHY: You'll get that warm fuzzy feeling that you helped someone. It's going to be 81 and Sunny. 
You've gotta go to happy hour somewhere................

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