August 7, 2012

'There are many temptations in this life, but cake is probably one of the biggest of them.”

A Sweet Mess Cake Production
Recently us beer gals celebrated Megan Maguire's birthday. When Megan was growing up - her family always celebrated the anniversary of her birth at the shore. Peg Maguire would prepare lasagna and strawberry shortcake.  This year she was celebrating with us staycation style.
We got a room at the Radisson and frolicked 'round Rittenhouse dropping dollars like we had 'em.

So find a strawberry shortcake, I must.

I reach out to the affable Allison Messick of A Sweet Mess Cakes in Media and commission the cake. I tell her that Megs loves movies and shortcake, Go!

She whipped up something extraordinary.  Not only was it beautiful it was pretty darn tasty. It has an  amazing consistency.  It was the best cake for the best gal.

If you ever need a novelty cake made- Allison Messick is your cake lady.  She needs about a two week order turnaround.

You can visit her website and check out her other confections.

Note: Quote in title taken from Alexdander McCall Smith

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