August 24, 2012

There's Sunday Funday....THEN there's Sunday Funday with Bon Chien, a bicycle give-a-way, and a chef dream team @ Lemon Hill

This Sunday I will be in Jim Thorpe rocking in a rocking chair on a porch.  The only thing I would be doing if I wasn't rocking would be riding my bike to Lemon Hill with the hope that I could win another bike, this being a FERNET BRANCA one .

At 4:30 Lemon Hill is hosting an Abbaye De Saint Bon-Chien Vertical tasting with vintages from '06, '07 and '11 paired with delicious (foie?) snacks from the kitchen.  This beer is a gem and one of my drinking highlights of the year-to-date.

B. United's Brendan Kingston and beer superstar, Khyber bartender, CHIFA beer guru, AND one of my personal favorite people Jonny Medlinsky will be telling attendees all about these delicous beers. 
 Price is $52 (totally reasonable) and limited space.

Following at 6:30 will be a Guest Chef Pot Luck Dinner
featuring Lemon Hill's Joel Mazigian with his talented buddies Tim Spinner from  La Calaca Feliz, Townsend Wentz from McCrossan's, 
Scott Shroeder from South Philly Taproom, American Sardine Bar AND Scott Dogs and Jeff Michaud from the Vetri Family (Osteria, Amis and Alla Spina).

As I am typing this post-- I can't believe I am missing this. But plans are plans. 

 Tickets (donations) are $25 in advance and $30 at the door.

Proceeds benefit the Bache-Martin School's Saturday Programming and F.E.S.P.P. (friends of Eastern State Penetentiary Park), two Fairmount charities. There will be a drink list designed for the evening with the proceeds from the bar also going to the charities. 
They may even have a few things to raffle of along with the Fernet Bicycle.

Please Call (215-232-2299) 
or Email at to make sure you have a spot for these super-awesome events. 

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  1. Nice! Have plans unfortunately, what a line up!