August 20, 2012

Two Track: Sweet Child O' Mine

I had to drop off a few sleeves of coasters to Resurrection Ale House after we got back from Kentucky today.
While we were waiting on my favorite squash dish, I heard a very slooooooooooooow version of "Sweet Child o Mine" by a female artist.

I had also heard it performed two nights prior (also by a female) at "Howl at the Moon," a VERY cheesy Dueling Piano bar at 4th st LIVE in Louisville.

So- that was not one but two signs that it should be this Tuesday's two track.

It's a little coincidental that there might be a "Red Stag" commercial you have to watch before viewing G n R 's version. We were at the Jim Beam distillery hearing about it on Friday.

Stay tuned for Kentucky Blog post.........................

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