September 5, 2012

DAYMAKER: Circles Delivery

The secret's long been out that Circles is the spot.
I enjoy visiting the Tasker St. restaurant with a few Allagash Whites, but I really enjoy getting it delivered when I have an office day and the rain seems endless.
They even deliver the lunch special for the same price.
So you can get soup, springroll, entree, and dessert ( a delicious banana spring roll today) for $9.95.
I needed to get to $15 for delivery-so I got gluttonous with some pan-fried dumplings then added a thai coffee cuz I could.
I love thai coffee so much, and until today I didn't realize that I could have one delivered to my door.
This will make a year-end wrap up of some sort. It's not really beer-related but I will squeeze it in.

1 comment:

  1. The lunch specials are me and my officemates new obsession. For a couple bucks they deliver all the way up to Spring Garden! We get it like once a week.