September 12, 2012

Love People Cook them Tasty Food

Lance bought me a bumper sticker from Penzeys Spices (Germantown Ave) containing that message last year. It lives on our refrigerator.
I don't get to cook as often as I would like because my job has me eating out and supporting Allagash bars and restaurants more often than not.
But last night was the exception as my friend was
having a tough day, and I had a pretty open day.
So pasta it was. We hand-cut some tagliatelle and made bolognese.

I had visited Dibrunos earlier that day and picked up some queso lenora ( a tangy goat's milk cheese), fennel beets and San Marzano tomatoes for the meal.

Salad was the Queso Lenora and beets with Pluots (1/2 apricot 1/2 plum) and crushed pistachios.

The Bolognese sauce was killer. Oodles of garlic, some zinfandel, chopped onion, sugar, red pepper, smoked salt, black pepper, and tomato paste.

Another mess was made this evening with some Chocolate chip cookies. I messed up and put them on wax paper. So I had to transfer them after they were baking for about 4 the chocolate started to run and create this marble effect for the first 7 cookies.

I'm tired. Off to bed. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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