September 12, 2012

The Revisit: Kanella

Shaksouka: Two eggs poached in a cumin-scented tomato and pepper stew
It's been two years or so since that rainy hungover day that I joined Lance and my friend Megan at Kanella (10th and Spruce).
 I managed to get down and keep down the Lamb Kafta. And I thought about it for months following.  It was one of the most flavorful, layered dishes I had eaten in Philly since my arrival in 2001.

It was not on the menu this past Sunday, so we went for Shaksouka and some specials. Wendy got eggs scrambled with leeks, haloumi and herbs. They were the cheesiest eggs I'd ever had. 
This is a totally different kind of soul food.

I got the pasta special served with spinach in a shallot cream sauce.  The sauce wasn't too rich either.  

They also serve french press, or mint lemonade if you're trying to avoid coffee.

They are a byo (thus the main reason why it took me two years to get back), so you are welcome to bring beer or wine if you please.

Reservations are available through Open Table. 
Breakfast served Fri, Sat and Sunday. 

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