September 11, 2012

The Revisit: Monsu

If you love scrapple, Monsu's your spot
There's more than one place to have brunch in Bella Vista.

As I tweeted on Saturday, it forever cracks me up to see the line extend East on Christian St. for Sabrinas on Saturday morning. Sabrinas is great. In fact- last time my Mom was visiting from Arizona, I took her there. But it was a Wednesday morning. Not a weekend. Royal Tavern gets a great brunch crowd, as does 11th St's Hawthornes,  but what about Monsu, Peter McAndrews Italian Market Sicilian bistro.

It's not just great- it's excellent.  And it's been consistently excellent since the day the opened their doors in January of 2011.

This visit- I was joined by my friend Megan Maguire, who is often my dining companion. Lance gets a bit jealous. The recent trips to Talula's Garden and Zahav didn't go over too well.
We ordered three things for the two of us. Gnocchi, Poached eggs and house-made scrapple  and ricotta pancakes with sausage and maple syrup. Not just any maple syrup but the most viscous syrup to ever coat a pancake.

There was something so  comforting and rustic about the dishes. The Italian coffee was awesome. The kitchen kindly sent out a portabella for us that was stuffed with cheese, rosemary and other herbs.  I'd suggest you start with that as well...but then there's the octopus, and the escargot..... You almost want to go with 8 people so you can get a smorgasbord and try everything Monsu's Kitchen has to offer.

They serve brunch Wed- Sunday 11:00-3:00 pm
Dinner is served Wed-Saturday 5-10 and Sunday 5-9 pm.

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