September 25, 2012

Two Track: Alabama Song (whiskey bar)

If the DOORS come up in conversation- I might be quick to tell you I don't have an ear for them.  I swear every Pennstater in 1997 had that Jim Morrison poster in his or her dorm room.  So they unfortunately go in my Sublime category. Heard it too much in school- can't listen to it today- not for nostalgia, not for anything.
So it's a little odd that I pick a Doors song for a two track- but not quite as odd as the original song itself dating back to the 1930s. Creepy video warning.

Kurt Weill- from an opera -"The Rise and fall of the City of Mahogany"
Note: 122,730 video views

This DOORS Video has received 2, 046, 565 views

Also- of note- there's now a Philly DOORS cover band, The Back Doors.
You can catch YARDS brewer Mitch Albach, Nate Magee and the rest of the band at Underground Arts at 12th and Callowhill from time to time.
Here's their Whiskey shots from Saturday night....

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