October 6, 2012

MAD MONKS MONDAY: Columbus Day version including RUSSIAN RIVER

Photo: Stephen Lyford
I just found out today that DC takes Columbus day so seriously that over 40 bars have been permitted to stay open 24 hours- Sunday going into Monday. They have to stop serving booze by 4 am though.

Philly will also be taking it seriously on 16th st, as Monks co-owner Tom Peters will be trying to raise $10,000 for a charity that Natalie Cilurzo of Russian River supports in Santa Rosa, Ca.
Hopefully you have the day off and can celebrate your extended weekend with us at Monks.

See below for Raffle details straight from Tom himself.  This is the first time to the best of my knowledge that someone in Philly could possible win 4 Coolship releases!

THE POURS (draft)
Blind Pig
Pliny the Elder
For the first time outside of California- "Frambroise for the Cure"
The 3rd in a series of once-a-year framboise created to raise money for breast cancer care and counseling.  As with last year, this version uses Temptation as the base beer.  An oak aged, sour ale refermented with locally sourced raspberries.  This was one of my favorite beer of 2011.  $10
Here are a few of the other things going on from Tom

There will be 24 Ultra-rare bottles of 
Toronado's 25th Anniversary beer brewed by Russiam River
This Ultra-Rare Bottle is $50 CASH ONLY- with 100% going to charity

Russian River’s Toronado 25th Anniversary (CA)  FROM VINNIE:  “This unique one of a kind beer is a blend of 6 different beers: strong pale ale, strong dark ale, pale ale with currants, blonde ale, baltic porter, and Sonambic, our spontaneously fermentation beer. All components were made separately in barrels with brettanomyces, lactobacillus, and pediococcus added in their own individual processes. Then the final blend was determined by Vinnie and Dave Keene, owner of the Toronado. It has nice bouquet of brett, fruit, spice, vanilla, and oak. This a full-bodied beer with hints of oak and nice sourness in the flavor.”  
You have to order lunch here to be eligible to purchase one of these.  No grab and go.
ONLY 24 BOTTLES AVAILABLE  for here or take-away
we will sell 100 tickets to each of these raffles at $10 CASH each.
Again, 100% of that CASH will go directly to the charity.
That will raise $1,000 from each raffle.
Drawings will take place when we sell all 100 tickets to a specific raffle.  You do not need to be present to win.  We’ll call you if you’re the lucky bastard whose ticket we draw.  You will need to pick up your booty by Thursday afternoon.
this is a small raffle with only one beer, but it is an incredibly rare beer.  In fact, it is the only bottle that I’ve ever seen.  
De Dolle Bouwers Speciaal Brouwsel Verjaarday (11.5%abv)
Brewed on 28 December 1980
Bottled on 14 January 1982
this flip-top bottle is so rare that I think everyone should be willing to pony up ten bucks for a chance of walking home with this very rare beer.

RAFFLE #2  - 12 Pack of Imperial Stouts

Fifty Fifty Brewery Eclipse (Trukee, CA):
Brandy Barrel (Burgundy Wax)
Brewmasters’s Grand Cru Blend (Copper Wax)
Elija Craig 12 yr Barrel (Purple Wax)
Elija Craig 20 yr Barrel (White Wax)
Four Roses Single Barrel (Red Wax)
Rittenhouse Rye Barrel (Green Wax)

Brouwerij De Molen (Bodegraven, Netherlands)
Pek & Veren (750ml)
2 Cease & Desist - aka Rasputin (11.2oz)
2 Heven & Hell - aka Hemel & Hel (11.2oz)

Firestone Walker Parabola (22oz)

RAFFLE #3 - Give Me The Wood(s) 
Allagash Brewery will pick up the tab for lunch and you get this incredible basket of Allagash cheer.
Allagash Coolship RED
Allagash Coolship Cerise
Allagash Coolship Resurgam (oak barrels)
Allagash Ghoulschip
Mattina Rossa- (never released Raspberry sour) 2012 World Beer cup silver medal
Allagash Curieux10 (bourbon barrels)
Allagash Interlude 09(wine barrels)
Allagash Odyssey (oak barrels)

RAFFLE #4 - Westvleteren
I was able to secure a six pack of the 2012 Westvleteren XII that was recently, and finally legally, imported to the US.  This gift box contains 6 bottles and 2 glasses.
I’ll also pull out some of my private stash of vintage Westvleteren.
Along with two bottles, each, of three vintages of Orval.

Please remember that all these raffle tickets are $10 and are CASH ONLY.  
100% of that cash will go directly to the charity.  
We raised $5,000 last year and our goal is $10,000 this year.  Please be generous.


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  1. Tom sent out a new email last night / this morning with some updates. The raffles are even more amazing now.