October 2, 2012

PORKTOBERFEST 2012 is Here! Day 1: Industry's Pork Sausage

I am the first to admit Porktoberfest 2011 was a less-than-stellar 4-day love letter to my favorite meat.  Historically, it's supposed to be 16 days just like the original Oktoberfest, but with a new job and traveling a bunch in that first month, I barely had time to blog. Heck, I still don't. This week, I am on the road 7 of 9 days.  But Porktoberfest is important. It's one of the blog programs that you folks comment on all year long. So I am going to bring my grade A game this time around.

DAY 1: Industry Pork Sausage
1401 East Moyamensing

The season's are a changing so goes the menu at Pennsport's fairly new Industry Bar, Dave Garry's and Heather Gleason's neighborhood bistro catering just as much to hospitality industry as the people with which they share the block. And they're not just an industry bar- Dave shared a story with me last night about a nice couple that came in from the neighborhood, found themselves loving some  Curieux and stayed for hours, pay stub free. 
But I will tell you every time I go there, I happily run into one of my favorite bartenders or chefs. 

So back to PORK. There's a new version of the pork sausage on the menu. It's served with a grainy mustard, sliced baguette, and a shaved fennel and carrot salad.  What I love most about this is that the mustard is grainy but not hot, it's actually has a little bit of sweetness to it. I didn't get a chance to ask
Chef Pat Szoke about it- but I will! I enjoyed it with a Ballast Point Abandoned Ship.  I guess it was their take on a Rauchbier but much cleaner. It was golden in color with gentle smoke- perfect complement to the main event.

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