October 23, 2012

PORKTOBERFEST Day 10: Double Bone Pork Chop at REX 1516

I was certainly charmed by Rex 1516 on this first visit.  The South Street restaurant had just updated the menu for the season and the changes included a few different swine-featured items.

I accidentally filled up on Shrimp Beignets and Crawfish Potpie. There was barely room in my belly for a piece of pork let alone a chop.
But I persevered like a glutton. The Double-bone pork chop was served with rosemary grits, leeks, chanterelles and red eye gravy.

The beer list was a lot more than one might suspect- more the usual Southern suspect Abita.  I noticed bottle after bottle walking by me on a tray- a Bear Republic Racer 5 here and a  Dogfish Punkin there.  I enjoyed a "Dominus," a dubbel from a Canadian brewery I was not familiar with.

Old movies play at the back bar on a big screen. This visit screened ""North by Northwest," Hitchcock's famous thriller starring Cary Grant as a man of mistaken identity. There was no mistaken identity here though. Rex 1516 is a great addition to the Philadelphia dining scene serving up great southern fare with candlelit smiles.

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