October 16, 2012

PORKTOBERFEST DAY 6: Spread Bagelry Breakfast Sandwich

This was my first visit to SPREAD on 20th st.

I stepped in the door wanting an everything bagel and a chai latte- because I could live off those items forever or at least till the spring comes round again. 

No chai there so I went apple cider. And as soon as uttered the order, "Everything bagel"- I changed it to "The Standard," which adds, egg, cheese, and bacon on to said bagel.  You could make it egg whites and turkey bacon- but I've been nothing short of a glutton for two weeks now- so I made it egg, cheese and bacon. Plus then it could count towards Porktoberfest.

It had more garlic, and more poppy on it than any everything bagel I have ever had. You should definitely seek it out- but make sure you have some floss available for the Poppy seed compaction that might occur.
The egg is not microwaved which is encouraging, and the bacon is a better cut than your atypical breakfast sandwich.

I'll say it's one of the best in the city. 

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