October 16, 2012

PORKTOBERFEST DAY 7: Growler's Pork Belly Tacos

I knew as soon as Steve Mashington told me his friend and Growler's Chef, Jerry Donahue, won "Smoke Em if you Got Em's" BBQ competition last year that the new Bella Vista bar would have some smokey treats coming my way.

We went last night- and went pork belly tacos with crab and corn salsa. We also had the pulled pork- which was good and loaded with cheese, but I already wrote up New Wave for Pulled Pork.

The bar was rocking the Rolling Stones. People lounged in the back watching the Packers take on the Texans. There's a decent amount of TVs. I can totally see it being a great winter bar- to grab a beer, bite and a game. They're serving sandwiches and apps now- and entrees should be introduced soon, along with a select specialty cocktail program.

I'm tired- but stay tuned for more details/photos from Growlers.

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