October 16, 2012

When was the last time you were at The Saloon?

Lance has been living in the Italian Market with me for

almost two years and has never been to the Saloon.
We walk by it all the time, we talk about going, we never go.

Last night we were thinking about where to eat...and I suggested the Philadelphia institution of Italian cuisine (Dante and Luigis and Villa di Roma being two others) and he ever so quickly said "Yes!"
We walked there in less than four minutes.  Frankie was our bartender and he had been firing courses and pouring chianti by the glass there for 30 years.  
It was Chianti for Lance, a Zin for me. 

We shared a burrata salad, I went with a veal chop- one of the evening's six specials and Lance doubled up on Cappelini with artichokes and crab meat, and Veal piccante.

The beer list was short and mostly macro, but Lance acknowledged that they knew who their clientele was.  If you wanted something hoppy- you could order at Sierra, and if you wanted a classic Belgian- they did have Chimay. If you wanted a good  Veal Chop beer- they had Brooklyn Brown Ale. It didn't extend beyond that. 

Dessert was an awesome tiramisu- not laden with marsala. Frankie was excited about a pumpkin Liqueur they just brought in- so he made us a sample of a pumpkin coffee.  

Back to the veal chop- it was so tender, so juicy that it inspired me to write a quick post- when I need to be doing at least 32 other things.  The chop was $40. I could only eat half -so I accepted Frankie's offer to wrap it up. The server attendant threw it out by accident- so Frankie had the kitchen cook me up another fresh entree to go.  

Bill came to $140- for a casual Monday out- that's not typical for us, and many people can't do that- so The 46 year old Saloon is considered a special occasion or business dinner/suits sort of spot.  However, if the dollars are there and you don't care- I say go whenever. Perhaps on a Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday when good ol' Frankie is behind the storied bar.

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