February 28, 2012

CHIFA BEER dinner Thursday March 1st- Seats still available

Tickets are still available for Chifa's 19th beer dinner- which just so happens to be Allagash- hosted by me. (I promise this isn't going to become an Allagash blog any more than it was a Sly Fox blog;)
The Dinner is $65 ++
Here's a teaser for the menu...

FIRST: Allagash White
-Oysters on the Half - Mystery Spice X Mignonette, White Foam, Pink Peppercorn Dust  (Allagash White is known for having a mystery spice which the brewers won't reveal... here we're going to use coriander)
-Maine Mixto - Bay Scallops, Charred Calamari, White Fish, Shrimp, Celery Leche de Tigre, Jalapenos, Red Onion, Mote

SECOND: Saison Mihm
Lobster Roll - Rocoto Aioli, Bao Bun, Pickled Vegetables, Crispy Shallots
Duck Confit Rice Dumpling - Spicy Duck Sauce

THIRD: Allagash Black
"Black"-braised Lamb Shanks - Berries, Pan de Anis
-  Sweet Bean Stew

surprise - and a surprise BEER to boot!

Two Track: Road Runner

Here's an Oscar-themed two track.  I fell asleep about an hour into the program on Sunday night- but not before I got to see Octavia Spencer shine (and cry) on stage.  I saw the movie back in the summer and thought she was most -deserving of the acknowledgement.  Here's Road Runner from the Help's Soundtrack. There were many versions. People recommended the WHO. I went with the Stones.

Bo Diddley

Rolling Stones 1963

February 27, 2012

LEAP DAY- Trestle INN- records spinnin' and Bourbon Black tappin'

This Wednesday- LEAP DAY
Trestle Inn
We will be pouring  a few special beers-=
Bourbon Black, Odyssey and others.

I will be playing records for the first time since the fall (other then my house).

I've been really looking forward to this. Hope you can make it.

February 21, 2012

TWO TRACK: The Abroad Edition: Long-Distance Call

Wasn't sure if I would get to blog from Belgium or not- so I had to do this "long-distance" post in advance. Since I am going to France- I wanted to feature a French band.
So I thought Phoenix since I saw them once at World Cafe Live back in 2005.
The most popular cover of "Long distance Call" is from a Tennessee band I never heard of called Paramore.

Hope all is well stateside;) See you soon.

Phoenix (sorry about commercial)


February 16, 2012

LEAP DAY- Meet me at The Trestle Inn

You have one extra day this year.  
How do you want to spend it???

Drinking Allagash Bourbon Black and making fun of me while I play DJ?

8 pm
Wednesday February 29th.
The Trestle 

We will have a few different Allagash on tap.
Then there's that whiskey selection too......

Belgium or BUST!

Brasserie Dupont courtesy of Vanburg and DeWulf website
The suitcase is zipped. And I am just waiting on Mr. perfect packer to get out of here and get to 30th St.
We start our vacation in Charm City- with Max's Belgian Beer Weekend.
Unfortunately I will be missing the big ALLAGASH day on Sunday down there because I will be in Belgium!

Lance and I fly in to London. Then meet up with Tom Peters and crew in Brussels on Sunday.
Next up is Brugge. Then we head to Brasserie Dupont on Tuesday so Lance can brew the 2012 Philly Beer Week Collaboration beer.

Thursday is Ghent. Friday is Paris. Saturday is back to London. I am sure they will miss us by then.
And we'll miss all of you.
I am going to do my best to keep up with live tweets where there is WiFi and blog if at all possible.

See you soon;)

February 15, 2012


Tomorrow night  (wed 2/22) DOCK STREET will host a fundraiser for the BOOKS through BARS program.

Their goal is to send quality reading material to prisoners and encourage creative dialogue on the criminal justice system educating those living inside and outside of prison walls.

Tomorrow night the focus is on Dictionaries. A donation $10 gets you a beer, a slice of Dock Street's slammin' pie and a dictionary that will be donated to inmates.  

Sean Gleason, the man behind the non-profit- would like to collect 250 dictionaries that night.

There will be 2 bands playing as well, Sour Mash and Cask and Co.
In Pursuit of Ale is signed on as a participating sponsor. Please come out and support if you can.
Event begins at 8:30.

Best Bite of the Week: Monte Cristo at Green Eggs

Just look at that sandwich!
I feel so fortunate to live about 60 paces from Royal Tavern. And would be content not leaving the block before noon on a Sunday. But Lance has his favorites and the gent is always throwing Carmen's and Green Eggs into the pool of suggestion.

I knew Green Eggs would be too crowded-but I was sleepy and apathetic and went along with his wish. The wait was 30-40 minutes. They have that room you walk into that has a miniature breakfast bar and a nice fireplace but other than that its a massive waiting room for the two dining rooms by which it is flanked.

Luckily there were two seats at the bar.  They had a Monte Cristo on special.   I had my choice of sides and went for the tomato soup.  The soup arrives and its no flat, boring lycopene-laden bisque. It's chunky, vibrant and garnished with gorgonzola.

Lance got the do-si-do french toast.  Which was good- but I couldn't do more than a bite.It made me want to drink a gallon of milk.  Actually-my dehydrated bones could probably use the calcium.

Green Eggs is the home of the best bite of the week and continues to prove to be one of the city's best bruncheries. 13th and Dickinson or check out their sophomore location on N. 2nd st in Northern Liberties.

I know you know Tiffin, but have you met Tashan? Rewind on my Allagash COOK class with Sanjay Shende

SANJAY makes beer bread with BLACK
Tashan has received a lot of positive buzz since their fall opening-
but I still talk to plenty of people that haven't been.  So far I've made it in for lunch  and brunch (twice) -although the sexy, modern decor lends itself to more of a prime-time dining event.

The textures and flavors of the myriad of dishes are nothing short of exquisite. The food begs to be paired with beer and Belgian beer does a great job. (currently no Allagash in the coolers- but you can get an Ommegang hennepin).

I had the opportunity to work with Chef Sanjay Shende on a COOK class on Superbowl Sunday. At first I was a bit intimidated - but then we had a (what chef referred to as) fruitful afternoon together.

The week before our COOK class, we developed the pairings--balancing out acidity of tomato-based sauces with malty dubbels, cooking a white sauce for a chicken dish with the white to pair with the white. We paired odyssey with a charred eggplant dish-paired and curieux with a cardamom dumpling... In three hours, I learned so much from this Irish-Indian Master chef. He even trusted me with a skewer to flip a bread in the tandoor oven.

You have to make it to TASHAN and You have to attend a COOK class. They are featuring the city's greatest chefs and food personalities. Schedule gets posted and the classes fill up quite quickly. So sign up for their newsletter, or stay tuned to Foobooz for more details. 

Sanjay and his team
Just flour, Allagash BLACK and a lil salt!

COOK rewards "students" hard " work" a little house plant!

Molly Malloys featuring 1892 Market Stout (and some pretty good prices)

I have a bunch of good eats and peeps to catch you up on.  I had a pal that said in jest that this became a "music blog."
That is definitely not the intention.

So here goes.
Two Fridays ago I finally checked out
Molly Malloys at Reading Terminal Market.

One of my dreams was to have enough dollars to buy the Beer Garden at the terminal.  I thought it was so odd that in a wonderland of produce, and local PA products that the bar had mostly macro-produced lagers on tap.

Not anymore. The new tenants (of the Iovine family) have done an excellent job. 

I was first surprised by the lay out of it- much more open atmosphere. There's a large rectangular bar as you first walk in and dining behind that. at 2 pm on a Friday afternoon the place was jamming.

The spigots are largely local. Sierra Nevada hailing from Cali and a few European imports. But the Mid-Atlantic was well-represented by Sly Fox, Lancaster, Philly Brewing, Troegs, Yards, etc..

It was a club soda lunch for me....but I did order one of the day's specials, a grilled peach salad. The peaches were served with fresh asaparagus, corn, grape tomatoes. The veggies were crisp and well-dressed.
I would have paid $13 but it was only $9. Across the board- the dishes were reasonable priced.

A much-needed addition to the Market. Keep up the good work guys (and gals).

Philadelphia Brewing Company helped the Market celebrate it's 120th anniversary by brewing "Engine 1892 Market Stout."The stout is a lighter, approachable stout with chocolate and vanilla bean notes, brewed with chocolate from Reading Terminal Market’s very own Chocolate by Mueller. 6% ABV. Limited Time Only.

February 14, 2012

Best Bite of the Week: Lobster Roll at Thames St. Oyster House

There's nothing quite like sitting at Jay's Oyster in Maine-enjoying a lobster roll and an Allagash White while taking in the scene of the Casco Bay dock.  BUT- being at Thames St. Oyster House last week nicely filled the void. I used to go to Baltimore every February for Max's Belgian Beer Weekend.  Now I go at least once a month as it's part of my Mid-Atlantic territory for Allagash.

For those of you headed down to Max's for the Belgian fest next weekend- make sure you take a break from the crowds and get some sustenance at Thames St Oyster.

ALSO-n.b. I will be pouring one case and one case only of Mattina Rossa at the fest on Friday, Feb 17th then on  Sunday, February 19th, ALLAGASH will be the featured brewery upstairs where guests can hopefully try a ghoulschip!

Two Track: National Anthem

A beerlass.com tipster suggested this week's two track.
You knew it was going to be Whitney. But how do you choose?
I was thinking "I wanna dance with somebody" featuring David Byrne.. but went with three different memorable performances of our Star Spangled Banner.

Jimi Hendrix 1969 Woodstock

Whitney Houston 1991 Superbowl XXV

And a smooth jazzy version by Marvin Gaye 1983

February 13, 2012


From time to time, Tom Peters and crew will throw a bunch of rare beer on and jumpstart the week.
Today- is Allagash's turn at the taps. The beers start pouring at 11:30.


Here is an article from the Beer Street Journal providing more info on "The Things."

February 7, 2012

WEDNESDAY: Cheese makes me HAPPY HOUR at Kite and Key

This Wednesday from 6-9 please join me at
Kite and Key for happy hour.
Brandon Cottrell from Whole Foods Callowhill will be there chatting cheese (complimentary cheese!) and pairing it with a bevy of Allagash beers.


Kite and Key will have Big Little and Thing 1 (both Beer Advocate collabs) think golden, dry and hoppy.
Grand Cru, White, BLACK, and others. Maybe odyssey will even be tapped by then.

I will be there 6-9.
I did a similar event last year and the pairings were amazing.  Hope to see you out.
$1 off all beers for the first hour.

Two Track: Ruby Soho

Just bought the Jimmy Cliff EP , "Sacred Fire" last weekend in West Chester. It had a cover of Rancid's "Ruby Soho" on it.

Also, worthy of note- Rancid covered Cliff's "The Harder they Come" at a Free Tibet concert in 1997.

Rancid 1995