May 31, 2012

This Week: Meet Dee Dee, Watch me channel Russel Crowe, then eat way too much

I am enjoying an iced latte in a Baltimore hotel room and thinking about the week behind me and not so much dreading the week ahead---but slightly fearing it.

I have 13 events in 8 days. Nothing too extreme. But you add a trip down to DC for SAVOR next Friday and Saturday and a brunch down in DC Sunday morning, then the T.U.D. at Fergies that night- It's a bit much.

I've got my coasters, and my embossed churchkeys, the beer has all been stockpiled and I am ready to rock. 
Ladies and Gentleman the a-m-a-z-i-n-g
Dee Dee Germain!
Here's a quick line-up of where you can look forward to drinking some Allagash and harassing me.

Friday- pick up Dee Dee at airport (our marketing coordinator/ms fix-it/resident ball buster) and follow the H.O.G.

FRIDAY NIGHT- Out to Bucks County to meet and greet with Isaac Newtons folks. OLD HLT, Saison Mihm, and Yakuza are some notables on draft.

SATURDAY- GLADIATOR. This should be interesting. It involves a variety of contests for which I can be awarded points.
It also involves a chariot. Not sure exactly what's going to happen but find your way to Kite and Key at 19th and Callowhill on Saturday at 2 and you won't be disappointed. 7-8 offerings on tap from Dogfish, Allagash, and YARDS.

SUNDAY- Brunch at Kennett from11-3. Sean Mellody bartending! Bourbon Black on tap!
8 pm.  I think it's important to set the night to music. I will be at TIME for Jazz Soup. Think of it as an open jazz mic. If you're a musician- please come on out. Plus- Chef Josh Mccoullough is going to be serving up some great eats. Have you ever had his sausage??
Such a happy guy!

MONDAY June 4th- I team up with our friends at Ommegang brewery at GOOD DOG. A fun, casual night of good beer including a sixtel of Bourbon black!

TUESDAY-- Welcome to the madness Rob Tod. I scoop him up at the airport and subject him to this Philly heat for a few days.  We will be trying four versions of TRIPLE at Bishops Collar from 4 till 6. 
At 4:45 I will be called to the London Grill Dunk Tank and then will head back to the Collar.
From 7 till 10 we will be picnickin' under the stars in MEMPHIS TAPROOM's beer garden. Guests can look forward to vintage beers by the pitcher! Jesse Kimball's amazing eats.  I think it's going to be a really special evening- a frolic if you will- set to hippied out tunes. This will be an a la carte, PAYG, sort of affair!

After 10 with full bellies we head to BARCADE -where a bevy of beer is on  tap and Rob promises to be "country-singing"drunk.

WEDNESDAY- June 6th We're half way there. And I will be living on a prayer. Today we celebrate the classic "STand by Me," with a pie-eating contest at the POPE. I will be there after 8. The pie- contest ties into the Old HLT, a cherry beer that was three years in the making.  To keep with the fruit theme- they will also be pouring an elusive keg of "Respect your Elderberries," a beer we brewed strictly for the Beer Advocate Extreme Beer Festival.  You won't want to miss this.

THURSDAY- Join me for happy hour at SOUTHWARK at 4th and Bainbridge (5-7). Every year this is an event I look forward to doing with Kip. Nick and Sherry create a fun, happy hour menu featuring beer in the dishes. He will be pouring Victor, Victoria, and probably White.  
At 8 I move south to For Pete's Sake, the first bar in Philly to give White a chance 8 or so years ago.

I will be back SUNDAY night for curieux-laden Karaoke with the Live karaoke band at FERGIES.
This is the 5th year of the T.U.D.- the Totally Unnecessary Drink. If you haven't been, you need to remedy that. Even if you can only come for an hour. Fergie is likely to sing the Bay City Rollers.  It's an evening to celebrate survival.  See you there!

Remember to hydrate!

May 28, 2012

Two track: Some Guys Have All the Luck

I was cruising around on Saturday -doing  "reverse shopping" as my sister titled it.  I hate returning things because my  mother was a chronic returner.  She would go to Marshalls, load up a cart and return half of the items a week later.  But this needed to be done.
So while I am heading East to West in South Philly with a palm tree in my car- I hear this reggae version of Rod Stewart's "Some guys have all the luck."  Then when I get home to look  up  youtube videos for this week's two track- I learn that Rod Stewart's version wasn't event the original!

In 1973 -it was first performed by the Persuaders. Made it to 36 on the billboard charts.

The version I heard while running errands- turns out to be Maxi Priest. ( #12 in UK in 1987)

Rod Stewart- took it to the top 10 on the billboard charts in 1984

AND one more

the late, great Robert Palmer (1982)

May 22, 2012

Philly Beer Scene Awards: TONIGHT

So I've yet to post about tonight. But it's a big one. This is the 3rd year Philly Beer Scene has given out awards to local beer heroes- but the first time that an official ceremony has been attached to it.

I'm excited for many reasons:

1) I get to see Ric Hoffman in the middle of the week
2) The Bella Vista crew is arriving in style via limousine- that definitely adds to the celebration
3) I will be on the red carpet interviewing guests as they arrive. This could get really awkward.
4) Someone is going to win this thing- I mean "win" with all the firkins flowing and beer about- someone  is going to get way too drunk and embarrass themselves- let's hope it's not me.
5) Lance romance has a ridiculous awesome outfit.
6) Curt Decker and Wendy Domurat (birthday girl) are coming straight from Mexico (airport) to the bash.
7) Joe Gun has a pin all to himself on stage.

It's tonight and I have no idea what I am wearing.
I sorta wanted to wear the dress I wore to the Mayoral ball in 2003- cuz it fits! But It also makes me look a bit like Madonna in the Vogue video. That might have to stay in the closet.

Best of Luck to all. And thanks for all your efforts to make our city the Best Beer Drinking city in AMERICA.

See you on the carpet.

Nominees for Best Brewery
Victory, Troegs, Yards, Weyerbacher, and Flying Fish

Nominees for Best Brewer 
Casey Hughes, Chris Lapierre (who's that?) Chris Wilson, Tim Roberts and Gordon Grubb

Nominees for Best Brewpub
Iron Hill, Nodding Head, Earth Bread brewery, Dock St, Stewarts

May 21, 2012

Everybody- Clambake! Help us kick off the summer Vacationland style at JG Domestic this Wednesday!

Ahhh coastal living is the life.  You may have heard me say before -when I am up in Portland, Me- It's like everything is right in my ever so hectic world.
I'll be in Maine a week after I surivive Beer Week. But this Wednesday- Maine is coming to me- hopefully to US! I am so very looking forward to this evening to kick off the Summer. I know that I throw a lot of events. But if you could squeeze this into you hump-day- I promise you'll thank me!

JG Domestic is hosting  a Clambake showcasing ALLAGASH beers
thisWednesday 6:30 pm

It starts off as a reception with
 JG DOMESTIC DRIED PORK SAUSAGE-House Mustard & Sourdough Baguette
AND CAVE AGED LANDAFF CHEESE with Seasonal Mostarda & Sourdough Baguette

then on to the Mains

HOUSE DINNER ROLLS Maldon Sea Salt, Whipped Butter
Smoked Cod, In House Cured Salt Pork, 
Potatoes, House-Made Oyster Crackers
LUNA FARMS GARDEN SALAD Blueberries, Lemon Vinaigrette 
Little Neck Clams, Maine Mussels, 
Maine Whelks, Shrimp, 
Sweet Corn, New Potatoes, 
House-Made Linguica Sausage

A seasonal assortment of WHOOPIE PIES ! (Did you know: There's a competition between Maine and Lancaster on who can claim the whoopie pie!)

Allagash White
Allagash Dubbel and Triple
Allagash Curieux
Allagash Black
Allagash Four

RESERVATIONS: 215-222-2363
 $55 ++

May 16, 2012

Two Track: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Indoor/Outdoor Pool
This Sunday- I headed to the new Revel Resort with a few of my beer ladyfriends to celebrate a couple birthdays, We went to the AMAZING "Bask" spa complete with a Himilayan pink salt room.  It might be a bit pricey (facials start at $145) but you get to hang out in their Wet Lounge, and Pool area which is nicer than any spa I have ever been to.  If you're staying at the hotel- you can also forgo the treatment and pay $55 to play in the water all day. I got an enzymatic peel of sorts. So if you see me this week and can't tell I drank everything under the Revel roof- that is why. She also recommended I use a product called "ICU." Not exactly what you want to hear in such a state of serenity.

The beer part: We started at Amada (which has the best view) then hit Village Whiskey to reunite with an old Philly industry contact Mark Grika of Chifa. We then took a restaurant break  and headed back to our room on the 18th floor to drink a growler of "batch 100" I stole from my Lance Romance. Then we hit  Mussel Bar for a few Whites and walked another ten feet across the way to throw back some margies at Distrito. We ended the night with burlesque spot, Royal Jelly.  My bartender who boasted 15 years in the industry didn't know what a sazerac was - so my order turned into Jameson on the rocks. Then we played fooseball, and air hockey on the way back to the room.

Yes- us beer girls know how to have fun.  Woke up severely dehydrated but had inspiration for this week' two track.s

You see- Cyndi didn't write "Girls just wanna have fun."
It was written and first performed by PhiladelphianRobert Hazard, who passed away four years ago.

Robert Hazard

Cyndi Lauper

And why not?
Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj 2010 "Salute the troops" concert

May 8, 2012

Allagash and A. Kitchen team up for American Craft Beer Week

Next Monday begins a week-long celebration of 
Craft Beer.
Allagash is celebrating in all markets across the US from Boston to L.A. 

In Philly- we are excited to be teaming up with A.Kitchen on Wednesday, May 16th.

We will be doing a dinner- but not the conventional way.
You order as much or as little as you like.

You can do all four courses with beer pairing for $65.
Or you can come in try a Victor and Victoria, savor a swordfish and be on your way.

I will be there from 6-9:30.

Allagash Brewing Pairing Menu
a la carte or 4 courses with Beer Pairing: $65


Roasted Maitake Mushrooms, Squash Consomme, Creamy Polenta 13

Quad; Complex Belgian Style Quadruple Ale 6

Grilled Halloumi, Pickled Rhubarb, Ramp Salad 10

Tripel; A Strong Golden Ale with Notes of Passionfruit, Herbs & Honey 6

Glazed Turnips, Baby Carrots and Gremolata 9

Victoria; Belgian Strong Ale Brewed with Chardonnay Grapes 8


Seared Sea Scallops with Meyer Lemon and Belgian Endive 14

Tripel; Strong Golden Ale with Notes of Passionfruit, Herbs & Honey 6

Spaghetti with Nova Scotia Mussels 14

Victoria; Belgian Strong Ale Brewed with Chardonnay Grapes 8

Chili Glazed Swordfish with White Beans and Black Olive Puree 18
Quad; Complex Belgian Style Quadruple Ale 6


Pork Bolognese with Tagliatelle 16

Curieux; Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Ale 6

Lamb Loin, Farro Risotto, Fiddlehead Ferns, and Tallegio 17
Quad; Complex Belgian Style Quadruple Ale 6

Rib-Eye Deckle Steak, Spring Onions and Crispy Potatoes 18
Victor; Belgian Strong Ale Brewed with Red Wine Grapes 8


Selection of Three Cheeses with Grain Mustard Compote and Fennel Marmalade 13
Taleggio, Ca de Ambros, Italy Cow’s milk, semi soft, washed rind
Prima Donna, Netherlands Cow’s milk, aged gouda style, sweet and nutty
Rogue Smokey Blue, Central Point, Oregon Aged cow’s milk, smoked with hazelnut

Side by Side Tastes of the Victor & Victoria 8

Pound Cake, Banana Ice Cream, Butterscotch Pudding 8
Curieux; Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Ale 6

In Pursuit of Ale meets tomorrow night @ the Boilermaker

Yes- Beer Club has been on a bit of a hiatus. It's crazy to think we met every other Wednesday for over five years. My role with Allagash has me in Maryland, DC and Virginia quite often so it became increasingly difficult to manage.

But we're going to regroup, and recharge and be better than ever.

Interested ladies- please come out to the Boilermaker tomorrow night
7:30 pm
216 S. 11th St. (between Walnut and Locust)

We will be on the second floor- their American Craft  beer bar. There are some communal tables-fitting for the club.

Also- we're establishing a running group for the Odyssey half-marathon on May 26th. Costumes are encouraged and all your hard work is immediately rewarded in that of a Sly Fox Beer Garden. Here's the link. For some reason unbeknownst to me -the run isn't sold out yet.

Two Track: Let my Love Open the Door

M. Ward slows it down in the same fashion as he treats his cover of Bowie's "Let's Dance." So although  Ward's is interesting - the young Townshend's upbeat version is the day-maker.

M. Ward will be performing at Union Transfer this Saturday night. His new album, "Wasteland Companion" was released last month which includes "Primitive Girl,"  a quite catchy number but if you listen to XPN as much as I do, you've probably already tired of it.

Pete Townshend

M. Ward

May 7, 2012

CHESTNUT 7 hosts Allagash night This Thursday

Allagash's  Victor and Victoria will make there annual debut this Thursday at Chestnut 7 in  Chestnut Hill.
This year's Victor features St. Croix grapes grown in Maine and Chardonnay grapes grown in Cape Cod.

We will have White, Blonde and some others on as well.
Fingers crossed for nice weather as they have a huge patio.
There will be live music and happy hour eats.

Join us for this Germantown Ave soiree if you can;)
It's less than a four minute walk from the Chestnut Hill West Train!

Beers flow from 5 pm on.

May 6, 2012

Resurrection Beer School this Wednesday featuring Dogfish Head

I just saw Wendy Domurat of Dogfish Head at For Pete's Sake.  She was talking excitedly about her beer school class this Wednesday at Resurrection Ale House. Which reminded me I needed to post it on the blog.

It will start at 4 pm.
Class is free.  Full menu is available as well.

Then later on that night -In Pursuit of Ale, women's beer club, will meet for the first time in a long time at The Boilermaker 7:30.
216 s. 11th st. (between Walnut and Locust).

May 4, 2012

"Ben Franklin" gets us psyched for 5th annual Philly BEER WEEK (as if we weren't already)

By now you've probably seen this. I was on the road all day yesterday but I probably received four different messages about it. Yes- it's a must watch. My favorite scene is probably "Ben under water."

Make sure you're keeping up with the website. Events are being added constantly.

Also- American Craft beer week is May 14th-20th. I will be doing a dinner at A. Kitchen on Wednesday, May 16th. It's going to be a switch-up from  you atypical beer dinner.  We will be featuring Bryan Sikora's awesome dishes you can try there any time (if you've been). And I will be on hand to chat about the beers and talk about pairings. Including this year's Victor and Victoria. It's a pay as you go, eat as many courses or as little courses as you want sort of dinner.


May 1, 2012


Last week I picked up the Rolling Stone special collectors issue "500 Greatest Albums of All Time"

There's brief explanations that make for some good reading as to why certain albums made the cut.

After the two track- you can scroll down and see the TOP 20 albums of all time according to the RS panel.

Two artists that made it in the top 30 were Van Morrison and Patti Smith.
The band that wrote "Gloria,"Them" included Van Morrison before his solo career.  Smith does a famous cover of the song.

Germany 1979

Them (with Van Morrison)

Here are the top 20. This list was also made in 2003. The new issue out is a revision. Wonder what changed....

Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
Pet Sounds
Highway 61 Revisited
Rubber soul
Whats Going On
Exile on Main St.
London Calling
Blonde on Blonde
The White album
Sunrise (Elvis)
Kind of Blue
Velvet underground
Abbey Road
Are you Experienced?
Blood on the Tracks
Born to Run
Astral Weeks