June 27, 2012

Two Track: Can't Seem to Make you Mine

I was the Monday/Tuesday day bartender for about 10 months at Royal Tavern in 2006.  To this day I say they still have one of the best burgers in the city. I loved working there. I loved who I worked with and the majority of people that walked through the door.  The jukebox was part of the simple room's charm. And the juke had a few songs that were selected a lot more than others. It was the first time I heard of The Seeds.   "Can't Seem to make you mine" got a lot of play.

The Seeds (american bandsstand)

There are plenty of artists that covered this song. I'm going with  badass Johnny Thunders.

Two Track: Can't Seem  to Make you Mine

June 19, 2012

I don't know what you've been up to- but I've been following the HOP CHEF ball-busting on Twitter. To be continued LIVE July 10th.

WHAT: HopChef a.k.a. a competition of six Philly chef buddies who will incorporate Ommegang beers into two dishes and be judged by their peers.

WHERE: World Cafe Live 3025 Walnut St.

WHEN: Tuesday, July 10th 7 pm

$$$: $55 inclusive of beer (website will charge $2.92 service fee for tickets) But tickets HERE.

Their dishes will be judged by Emilio Mignucci of Dibruno Bros, Jennifer Carroll, Mat Falco of Philly Beer Scene and more TBA.

I'll be on the wheels of steal while you stroll the floor deciding who has crafted the best dish.

This has the makings of one of the best events on Philly's 2012 culinary calendar. Get your tix today.

OMMEGANG has been established as one of America's finest Belgian-American breweries since 1997.
Last year they launched their Great Beer Deserves Great Food website, and concentrated more on partnering with some of the country's best chefs. Hop Chef competitions also took place in DC, and Albany this year as well.

Joe Cicala, Le Virtu

George Sabatino, Stateside

Nicholas Elmi, Rittenhouse Tavern

Scott Schroeder, the stuff of twitter legend at SPTR, 

Jason Chichonski, ELA
Jon Cichon, Lacroix

A Few of the TWEETS from their roadtrip to Cooperstown:

It was fun watching  wonder where to put an tattoo on his sweet chest all night 

Applying some hair product topless & bottomless while my thoughts wander to   

Dear HopChefs and Ommegang. You all got me real drunk and happy. I hope I don't see any of you for at least 8 hours. Love George

  the first two went down easy but it got out of hand once we switched to the browns. 
    he ran late practicing his blue steel in his vanity.

Forest & Main: First Visit

I didn't have nearly enough time at Forest and Main for my first visit to the Ambler brewpub last Sunday.

Lance and I were coming back from my Father's day picnic in Green Lane when we decided to detour to Ambler.
I wasn't hungry at all, and still not wanting anything with an abv in my system after my LanghorneSlimfififtyminuteencore/byogoingaway party/whynotonemoreatthetrestle Friday night.
We got a flight which comes on this clever chalk-board painted slab with holes cut out for the glassware. The bar keep, local legend Mike Maguire, has to write the individual  beers on them every time he sells one.

My stand-outs were Tiny Tim, extremely flavorful  at 3.5% and Lunaire   An amber-colored saison-style that had been aged in chardonay barrels. 

They were reasonable priced. Guests can try four oz of four beers for $6.50.

We'll be back. He's got his eye on the lime-cilantro popcorn, and I on the lamb although the fish and chips I saw leave the kitchen could get me to change my mind about fish and chips.

Kudos to Dan Endicott and Gerard Olson.  I'll write a more detailed recap of our second visit.

Two Track: Smells like Teen Spirit

Initially written in what Dave Grohl says was five minutes by Kurt Cobain in 1991.

There area  few cover versions including a parody by Weird Al Yankovich, "Smells like Nirvana"

Live at the Paramount in 1991

Here is Paul Anka's take- a swing version- in 2005

June 15, 2012

Stuck in Traffic, I see...

Spent the day in Delaware today because I'm sure Philly coolers are stocked on beer for a minute.
Traffic was not kind on Rt 4 going from one Total Wine to another. I snapped this pic of a Psychic.

Largest Tarot card building ever! Aren't they usually just a sketchy room with an oriental carpet and candles for ambiance in a sketchy building with a creepy cat or grandchild about?

Not in Delaware. First-staters know exactly what's in store for them. Maybe that's why so many businesses set up shop there.

That's just me channeling G.L.O.W.'s Farmer's Daughter again.

June 12, 2012

Two Track (4 track): I Just Don't Know What to do With Myself

Written by Burt Bachrach-
First performed as "I don't know" in 1962 by Tommy Hut

Dusty Springfield took it to #3 on UK charts in 1964

and 2003 - The White Stripes

Elvis Costello performing with Bachrach on piano

June 5, 2012

TODAY: Triple 4 ways, dunk tank, picnic, GHOULSCHIP, and a $%*&ton of WATER

I scoop up Rob at the plane station at 3:10. He throws his bags in his hotel and we head to Bishops Collar.
We will be pouring 4 versions of our triple.
The Tripel
 the much-loved Curieux (aged in Jim Beam Barrels for 8 weeks and blended with fresh triple)
A version of Curieux in Bookers barrels instead of Jim Beam
YAKUZA- dry-hopped with Sorachi-ace.

At 7 pm we will mosey EAST to Memphis Taproom where we will picnic outside. Music playing, awesome beers pouring including an '09 curieux and Saison Mihm.

at 10 will will head to BARCADE- where Rob will hopefully find a fixed "Tempest" machine and 2011 Confluence. They will be pouring 15 other Allagash's as well. Rob has been friends with the Barcade guys for a long time now. They will be pouring a very rare sixtel of Ghoulschip, a pumpkin sour, that we brewed for Elysian's pumpkin fest last year.


Join me at POPE as we watch 5 contestants eat pie. To fit into the fruit theme we will be pouring OLD HLT- a tart cherry beer three years in the making.

You have to have happy hour somewhere- I think Southwark is a pretty good idea. Join me there for Victor and Victoria and some beer-inspired happy hour noshes. If you miss me there- catch up with me  at For Pete's Sake before I leave town for SAVOR.

5th annual TUD- the Totally unnecessary drink- at FERGIEs. Live Karaoke band.