April 2, 2013

HELLO OXBOW! Philly's much loved "Fava" returns for a four day stint accompanied by his Oxbow brotherhood.

Fava with Tim at Max's Belgian beer weekend
We were all sad to see Mike Fava leave his assistant brewers post at Nodding Head to head north but the months have treated him well.  He joined
Tim Adams and Geoff Masland, founders of Oxbow, last summer and has been brewing up  some fine farmhouse ales ever since.

The brewery is situated in Newcastle, Me- about an hour or so north of Portland.  As mentioned, they focus on farmhouse ales. The fellows put out a  "freestyle series" that includes a varying styles like Belgian Stout and Loretta- a 4% saison.

They'll hit Philly next Thursday afternoon (4/11) kicking off their Philly tour at Monks.
Guaranteed they'll be "Throwing Bows" all over town.
But - here's the official schedule:

4:30 pm -6:30 pm MONKS
7:00 pm- Jose Pistolas

12-2 Lunch at Teresas Next Door in WAYNE
4:30-6:30 Resurrection Ale House
"Night time is the right time" POPE 

"Pub crawl"  (watch out!)
6:30-9:30 THE CAMBRIDGE 
10 -? VARGA

Brunch- KENNETT 

Some of the POURS include:
Farmhouse Pale Ale, Space Cowboy, Oxtoberfest, Saison Noel, Sasuga, Funkhaus, Barrel-aged Farmhouse Pale Ale

To learn more about the Maine brewery watch this--

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