April 29, 2013

Kutztown's Saucony Creek Trickles into Philly Taverns this Week

This Wednesday, Saucony Creek launches at the P.O.P.E. 

They were one of 1,118 microbreweries that were slated to open in 2012.  And they actually did.

Owner, Matt Lindenmuth took his dream to Kickstarter last Spring and with enough support and a generous landlord, built a brewery and crew (Joe Percoco, head brewer formerly of Barley Creek in the Poconos) and started distributing this year.

What makes them different (besides the fact that Lindenmuth spent years as a globe-trottin' Guinness Book inline vert rollerblader/snowboarder) is they are farming and malting their own barley.

What else do you need to know???

The brewery took over an old Saucony Shoe warehouse.
They've named the brewery for the Sacony Creek that there water is sourced from, but kept the original spelling.

It appears that 7%  Stone Fly IPA is a potential flagship out of the gate.
On Wednesday between 7-10 pm you can try that as well as North Ramp Stout and Bling Blangers Brown. 

Guests can also meet  Lindenmuth who I  imagine has a few great stories.

Kudos to them for making it happen and being one of the 2, 416 breweries now operating.

Follow Saucony Creek on twitter here.  Website coming soon.

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