April 17, 2013

Revenge of the Runner-Up. Vote LANCE for Philly Beer Scene Brewsmaster of the YEAR

Come on- He's wearing Weyermann overalls.
Last year- Lance Romance was really gunning for Philly Beer Scene Brewmaster of the year.
Casey Hughes won two years in a row- So New Jersey was getting some love, but not necessarily Maple Shade.
Chris Wilson of Weyerbacher took the prize. Weyerbacher actually took almost every prize.

But it's a new year. Lots of locals are putting out some great beer, and there are a few new folks in the mix too- Neshaminy, Tired Hands, and Forest and Main.  For some CRAZY reason Lance was not nominated for Brewmaster of the Year.
BUT perhaps the ol' "Write-in" could work. Lance Romance could be my very own Captain America. Another famous sucess story- was John F Kennedy won the 1960 primary with 183,703 write-ins.

Please take five to fill out the nominee ballot. Find it HERE.

I just paid a visit to Iron Hill Maple Shade yesterday. I had an awesome tettnang pils, two different Whites (one barrel-aged with some brett character) and a mild Scottish Ale.  Each one was a four star beer.

If after 6 years you don't know Lance Romance's real name you can email me.
Thanks for you support! And now you know- in my limited spare time, I'm a campaign manager as well.

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