May 28, 2013

Petite Fortunella launches tomorrow at Iron Hill Maple Shade 5 pm- 7 pm

Tomorrow night- also known as the night before the night before Philly Beer Week begins- we will be tapping the first keg of Petite Fortunella at Iron Hill in Maple Shade.

Petite Fortunella is the recipe of Allagash brewer Patrick Chavenelle, affectionately referred to as all save his parents and possibly girlfriend as Chavez."  He's been brewing at Allagash for two years and heads up our Pilot team.

He had been wanting to brew a Belgian style table beer for a while -made with Kumquats (whirlpool) and fermented with Orval yeast ). Sorry- this isn't finished with Brett.  However Lance did put some in a barrel- so we'll see how thats tasting when the time comes.

I haven't actually tried this beer yet- so I can't tell you how delicious it is- but we would love to see you there supporting.

I am also attempting to make ice cream for the event. Let's hope my freezer bowl freezes in time.

Thanks to Lance Romance for letting me into his brewery for the day.  It was a fun- but I will implore, someone get that man some rakes! ;)

Petite Fortunella
Confluence 12
Fluxus '12- (saison-wit hybrid with green and pink peppercorns)

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