June 11, 2013

Philly Beer Scene/ Philly Tap Finder announces 2nd Bottle Share

Sunday June 23rd from 4-7- PBS and PTF will host their 2nd bottle share.

They've selected a community garden on Christian St between 3rd and 4th st for round two. Jared and Kristy Littman of Philly Tap Finder grow their own hops there.

They will cap it at 90 tickets so reserve your spot HERE. through ticketleap.

$15 will get you in the garden. That includes  awesome wood-fired pizzas from Kennett.

Please bring your own glass- or you can buy a PBS tulip for $5.

This is a bottle share.  Please bring a bottle- "any bottle you think people will enjoy," says organizer Jared Littman.

However, if it's on THIS LIST, you might make a few new friends.  Kidding. Sort of.  Use your judgement and use a public transport/cab to get there. Driving to bottle shares is dumb.

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