June 11, 2013

TWO TRACK: Common People "The back from the dead edition"

It's been several months since the last "Tuesday Two Track". November 27th to be exact.

On the 10th day of Beer Week- Dennis Hewlett of the POPE played "Common People" on the juke during the Bell's Brunch. He didn't know it's a favorite of mine and one that I haven't heard in a while as it's on my running mix and I've barely been running. Don't worry-very much a temporary thing.

He mentioned a cover that William Shatner did. I had never heard of it. The lovely Laura Bell was sitting next to me and confirmed that it existed.

SO- that prompted me to bring back the Two track this week.

PULP (1996)

William Shatner

And here's a video someone made about the making of "Common People"

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