July 26, 2013

In Pursuit of Ale Social /Fundraiser for Build On- Let's Build these Children a School

Clear your calendars please.

It's been a year since In Pursuit of Ale got together outside the holiday throwdown (100% mea culpa).
This isn't the notice of my dreams. In my dreams I would've given you at least 3 weeks to clear your calendars.

But this is reality- and reality will have it that this social fundraiser is....
Have you been to Strangeloves yet on 11th st?  Because that's where it's taking place.

Gentlemen are most welcome. As are your donations to Build On. My good friend Aly is part of a program called "Beyond Asana."  She is raising money to build a school in Nicaragua. She more than half way to her goal. You can learn more about how amazing she is and what's she's up to here.

Don't think of it as a charity. Think of it as a movement, says Build On Founder, Jim Ziolkowki.

We will be tapping a rare Allagash beer (and many others!) and proceeds will go to BUILD ON.

Come out.
Drink well.
Feel Good.

Sounds pretty simple to me.  Hoping to see some old and new beer clubbers.

Email  me @ beerlass@gmail.com with any questions.

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